Today’s Reader Hot Takes

On Michael Pineda pitching with a foreign substance on his hand …


“He probably just got syrup on his hand after getting a high-five from CC Sabathia.” — Heather J.

“I was suspicious as soon as he started going to his butt between every pitch.”Kent Y.

“Back in the good old days, players cheated by quietly injecting things inside themselves. Players today have to be so showy about their cheating. Our society is in decline.” — Elmer D.

– – – – –

On the start of the Masters …


“This means winter is over and spring is here! I can’t wait to spend 20 hours inside this weekend watching golf.” — Brad P.

“It will be good to see Jim Nantz again. I’ve been wondering what he’s been up to the last two days.” — Shonda J.

“It’s just not going to be the same without Tiger Woods there to finish in 17th place.” — Bill J. 

– – – – –

On UConn winning the Women’s NCAA Tournament at 40-0 …


“I just hope UConn students riot to the same degree they did over the men’s title. Anything less would be sexist.” — Amir L.

“They’re a great team, but I’m tired of everyone debating whether they could beat a bad WNBA team, such as the Tulsa Shock or the Connecticut Sun. That’s just crazy talk.” — Glenn D.

“What a week for UConn sports. On the downside, UConn’s spring football game is on Saturday. Nothing is ever perfect.” — Elsa P.

– – – – –

On UConn winning the NCAA Tournament … 


“What a Cinderella run they went on to win just their second national title in the last four years!” — Miriam L.

“Kevin Ollie’s stock is way up now. You have to think he might take the Kentucky job when John Calipari goes to the Lakers.” — James C.

“I hope they don’t destroy Storrs by rioting. Actually, I don’t care. I don’t see any reason I’d ever go to Storrs, Connecticut. Feel free to destroy it.” — Larry J.

– – – – –

On UConn vs. Kentucky for the national title … 


“You have to think Jim Calhoun is rooting for Kentucky because he’s a miserable old man.” Dave N.

“Who do the experts have winning this game? That team is definitely going to lose.” — Nate L.

“UConn vs. Kentucky in football would be a lot more entertaining to watch, as far as a people falling down and making stupid mistakes.” — Lena H.

– – – – –

On the Final Four …


“I’m pretty excited because Connecticut, Florida, Kentucky and Wisconsin are all some of my favorite states.” — Sam J.

“I can’t believe college basketball season is almost over. It feels like it only started about two weeks ago.” — Randall P.

“The ‘One Shining Moment’ montage this year is going to be nothing but clips of little kids crying. It’s going to be awesome.” — Marsha B.

– – – – –

U.S. soccer team drawing 2-2 with Mexico in a friendly …


“The U.S. had a 2-0 lead but let Mexico tie it on account of being friendly. We are a good and kind people.” — Randy L.

“Did we forget to invite Canada? Things could get awkward at the next North America meeting.” — Cindy J.

“Sorry, I didn’t waste my time watching an exhibition soccer match when there was April baseball on TV.” — Mark V.

– – – – –

On Tiger Woods missing the Masters … 


“He always kept himself in shape and yet his body is falling apart. Score another one for flubby golfers with no muscle tone.” — Fred N.

“This will be Jack Nicklaus’ ninth consecutive missed Masters. Tiger still has a long way to go to catch him.” — Marta P.

“Without the excitement of Tiger Woods, now I’ll be able to take relaxing naps during the Masters even better. This is great!” Sean A.

– – – – –

On the Spurs winning their 18th game in a row …


“Well, they’re pretty much ruining any chance they had at Andrew Wiggins.”Matt P.

“God, what a boring really long win streak.”Omar J.

“The Sixers had a streak that went 26 games. That impresses me, not 18.”Sheila Z.

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