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On Donald Sterling’s lifetime ban from the NBA …


“A week ago his legacy as a racist scumbag was seemingly secure. But now he will only be remembered as a really racist scumbag.” — Dana V.

“Hopefully this ban will give him the necessary time to work on his relationship with V. America is rooting for them.” — Kenneth R.

“Is he still allowed to attend Los Angeles Sparks games?” — Kia S.

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On the NBA’s investigation of Donald Sterling’s comments …


“This is a big moment for new commissioner Adam Silver. Hopefully he doesn’t show his inexperience and say he hates black people, too.” — Dan M.

“The NBA needs to step up and take a stand against large corporations distancing themselves from one of their teams.” — Jay T.

“I bet the investigation finds that what Sterling said was indeed racist.” — Becca J.

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On Donald Sterling’s racist comments …


“I just don’t understand why a huge racist would want to own an NBA team. It’s a primarily black league, so he’d basically be owning a bunch of bla- … oh my God.” — Lee Ann J.

“I see how it is. Black people talk about hating entire races in their rap music, but if a white guy does it it’s a big … no? They don’t do that in rap music? Crap. I’m not sure how to defend this now.” — Roger K.

“At least J.J. Redick knows he’s appreciated. I expect him to have a big series now.” — Ronald W.

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On the Pacers’ struggles …


“I always thought that Roy Hibbert would be a bust. It just took me six years to be right.” – Heath T.

“They never should have traded for Evan Turner. He infected the whole team with Sixerness.” — Lea R.

“You can’t spell Pacers without C-R-A-P.” — Alfredo P.

– – – – –

On Michael Pineda getting ejected for having pine tar on his neck …


“I’m uncomfortable with throwing someone out of a game for essentially being a moron. It’s a slippery slope, because there are many stupid athletes.” — Melinda R.

“If you’re not cheating, you’re not trying. If Pineda is guilty of anything, he’s guilty of trying too much.” — Aaron T. 

“I’m surprised Brian McCann didn’t stop Pineda from doing this. I guess he cares more about unwritten rules than written rules.” — Jeffrey L.

– – – – –

On Albert Pujols hitting his 500th home run …


“It has to be special for him to know that his grandchildren are old enough to see this and remember it.” — Gabriel M.

“My thoughts on his 500th home run could possibly result in me getting sued by Mr. Pujols. So I’ll just say: Congratulations, fella!” — Collin T.

“Ha! You said Pujols. You know, like a butt.” — Karen T.

– – – – –

On Meb Keflezighi becoming the first American

to win the Boston Marathon in 29 years …


“That was the most exciting two hours and eight minutes of a guy running I’ve ever seen.” — Pam F.

“In your face, Kenyans! You ran 20 miles each way to school growing up for nothing.” — Clint W. 

“But what does he run in the 40?” — Ricky P.

– – – – –

On Game 1 upsets in the NBA Playoffs … 


“This is why games aren’t played on paper. They’re played on wood courts that could easily be made into paper.” Chip J.

“Let’s see if the favorites can regroup with only 10 to 12 days between games.”Sandra Q.

“I really thought the Pacers might be able to steal one from the Hawks for another upset, but they’re even worse than I thought.”Chandler M.

– – – – –

On the start of the NBA Playoffs …


“I can’t wait to call everyone who misses a game-winning shot a failure and a choker.” — Shonn B.

“Now is the time for players to step up and really bring their A-games to their post-game press conference attire.” — Ivan F.

“I love watching great basketball, but I sure will miss laughing at the Knicks.” — Mildred W.

– – – – –

On the start of the Stanley Cup Playoffs … 


“I’m picking the team with the hottest goalie: the New York Rangers and Henrik Lundqvist. He fine!” — Bill F.

“I want to grow a playoff beard, but beards are itchy. Is it okay if I just don’t shower for two months?” — Sheila T.

“Who cares. I know the Stanley Cup playoffs are supposed to be the most exciting, but I don’t watch sports for excitement. I watch based on which leagues have the best marketing and national media exposure.” — Scott M.

– – – – – –

On the NCAA allowing players to

have unlimited meals and snacks …


“This kind of ruins NCAA sports. Much of the entertainment for me was knowing the players are starving.” — Cassandra F.

“All this does is open up a Pandora’s box. Now the players are going to demand stoppages in the games so they can take bowel movements.” — Phillippe M.

“I hope not the female athletes, too. They need to stay slim if they want to have a chance of making a ‘Hottest Chicks in NCAA Sports’ slideshow.” — Ron J.

– – – – –

On Michael Phelps unretiring …


“Smart move. When you retire from swimming, you’re always at a risk of drowning.”Kenny J.

“He clearly missed the fame and glory that comes with competing in the American swimming circuit.” — Candace T.

“This is risky if he doesn’t do well. He had his legacy secured as a champion swimmer and guy who appears in poorly-acted Subway commercials.” — Gerald F.

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On Bubba Watson winning the Masters …


“It’s always good to have two green jackets in case one of them is at the dry cleaners.” — Meg J.

“Bubba isn’t even this guy’s real name. It’s Gerry. He’s a liar. They should double-check his scorecard to make sure he didn’t lie on there, too.” — Lenny M.

“Now he’s just 16 majors short of tying Jack Nicklaus.” — Tim P.

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