Report: NFL Teams Worried Johnny Manziel’s Love of Drake Suggests Serious Judgment Issues

drakejohnnyrucussJohnny Manziel’s outstanding performance at his pro day answered many of the concerns teams had about his playing ability, but reports suggest NFL franchises remain very worried about the former Heisman winner’s judgment.

“His unabashed love of Drake and Drake’s music … well, it’s basically all of the red flags,” said a scout in the Vikings organization. “Drake’s lyrics and rhyming are so embarrassing, so amateur that anyone who likes him — let alone loves him to the degree that Manziel does — almost has to be eliminated from consideration for any job. Their judgment can’t be trusted. And I mean any job like working at McDonald’s, so he’s definitely not qualified to be the quarterback of a professional football team. And all of this is without even mentioning Drake’s singing, which obviously is an entirely different disaster.” 

A scout for the Texans, who hold the No. 1 overall pick, said he attended Manziel’s pro day but left as soon as the Drake music began blasting over the facility’s speakers.

“It was all I needed to hear to complete my assessment,” he said. “We have no interest in someone with the taste of a 14 year-old boy to be the face of a billion dollar organization. Also, I left because I have a personal policy to leave any place that plays Drake’s music. It’s never steered me wrong.”

“Drake was on a Canadian TV drama for teenagers,” said a Rams front office employee. “There’s not much else to say. Plus, not only do you have to worry about Manziel’s judgment, but then you’d likely have him bringing Drake around all time time, completely deflating the prestige of your organization. The only excuse he can really have for liking Drake is that he’s suffered numerous concussions. But that’s also a reason not to draft him.”

Manziel says he will not forsake his love of all things Drake.

“A young boy tryin’ to win here again. If I like her, I just fly her to the city I’m in,” he said, apparently quoting Drake lyrics. “I got her drinking with your boy, I got her …,” he continued as everyone walked away.

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