Lakers Owner Jim Buss Releases Recording of Him Saying Complimentary Things About Black People, Top Free Agents

jim-bussLos Angeles Lakers owner Jim Buss is heard saying very positive things about black people in a recording released today. It is believed the recording was released by Buss himself.

“I know that some people in the NBA in my position don’t feel this way — and it’s more than Donald Sterling, although I won’t say who,” Buss says in a conversation with someone who sounds like Buss using a fake voice. “But I, Jim Buss of the Los Angeles Lakers, really like black people a lot. I think they’re outstanding. I really can’t say enough about them. Them being black people. In fact, of all the NBA owners, I’d say I like black people the most. Black people and minorities. They’re super. You can quote me — Jim Buss, Lakers owner — on that. Black people No. 1, I say.”

After more than seven minutes of talking about how much he likes black people, including a partial recitation of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” speech, which he claimed to know from memory even though a YouTube version of the speech was heard playing in the background with Buss speaking a second or two behind it, Buss then moved on to how much he likes “the many outstanding free agents who will be available in 2014, including the many black ones.”

“I wish I could tell them this myself,” he said. “But that’s not my style and I am currently just speaking to you … Tim … Bluss, yeah, Tim Bluss. My good friend Tim Bluss, with no recording equipment around. And I can’t think of a single organization in the NBA that would be more welcoming to the top black free agents than the Los Angeles Lakers. LeBron, Carmelo, Tim Duncan, Kyle Lowry. I’m sure they’d all love it here. Also, I like Germans a lot, which is so weird because Dirk Nowitzki is a free agent this year. Blacks and Germans. How great are they?”

Buss also told Bluss that if current Clippers players such as Chris Paul and Blake Griffin no longer want to play for Donald Sterling, he would “happily accept them here on the Lakers. I would put pictures of them on Instagram and everthing.” The part-owner also added that “it would be great if all these amazingly outstanding black men showed some gratitude for how black-friendly the Lakers are by signing for minimum contracts, since we’re kind of stuck paying Kobe [Bryant] a fortune.”

The recording ends with the sound of a door opening and the voice of Jeannie Buss saying: “Jim, who are you talking to? There’s no one in here.”

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