Kentucky Fires John Calipari After Discovering Improper Who/Whom Usage on His Résumé

Calipari BRThe University of Kentucky announced today that they have fired head basketball coach John Calipari after a review of his résumé uncovered several instances of improper who/whom usage. The Wildcats will be coached in the Final Four by assistant coach Orlando Antigua. 

“We appreciate all that John did here with the basketball program at Kentucky in his five years,” said athletics director Mitch Barnhart, “but this is an institution of hiring learning first and foremost and we simply cannot in good conscience allow someone in leadership at this university to make such grievous and repeated grammar mistakes.”

Kentucky began a review of its athletic staff’s résumés last week after former Kentucky basketball player Steve Masiello lost out on the head coaching job at South Florida when it was discovered that despite his claims, he had not graduated from Kentucky. Calipari’s who/whom errors were quickly uncovered and, after a brief meeting with Barnhart, university president Eli Capilouto and the school’s Board of Trustees, the decision was reached unanimously to can Calipari.

“I’m sure this will be an interruption for our basketball team and could cause them to lose in the Final Four,” said President Capilouto. “I hope that doesn’t happen, but we had to act quickly. Poor grammar has no place at Kentucky. It wouldn’t have been right to win a national championship if it was won under a man whose writing is no better than a 7th grader.”

Kentucky released a copy of Calipari’s résumé.  Among Previous Experience, Calipari states that he “Served as an assistant at the University of Kansas under Larry Brown, with who I developed game plans and took part in recruiting.” Later in his references, he includes Ted Owens, “whom is a good friend.” 

“I was embarrassed for John when I saw it. And disappointed in him,” said Barnhart. “But most of all I was embarrassed for the University of Kentucky. This is something we’ll take some hits for in the academic community, but we will strive to move on and be better.”

Calipari apologized for his mistakes with a post on Twitter.

“I have struggled with who/whom ever since sixth grade English,” he wrote. “I hope to use this time away from basketball to fight my grammar problems head on.”

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