Donald Sterling’s Friends Relieved To Hear Him Complain About a White Man for a Change

silver-sterlingFriends of troubled Los Angeles Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, were relieved to hear the 80 year-old complain about someone belonging to his own race for a change, following a lifetime ban imposed by NBA commissioner Adam Silver on Tuesday.

“It’s a breath of fresh air,” said Jim Thomas, one of Sterling’s poker buddies, who stated he mainly hangs out at Sterling’s Beverly Hills mansion for the snacks .  “Hearing him going on his racist rants gets old, fast, so hearing him call out a fellow white guy is sooo refreshing.  It was like he was a normal guy, for once.”

The lifetime ban from Silver is the first ban of its kind handed down by the NBA.  Along with the ban, Sterling will be fined $2.5 million – the largest amount allowable under the NBA’s constitution – for his actions.

“He [Sterling] called me earlier today ranting and raving,” said another Sterling ‘friend’ who again claimed to only affiliate with the billionaire for the amenities he provides.  “But when  I asked who on Instragram caused the ruckus this time, he said ‘No, I’m talking about Adam Silver.”  I had to Google ‘Adam Silver’ to see who he was, and I was shocked.  I had to have him retell me the story, this time with me listening.”

With the ban, commissioner Silver hopes he can garner support from the other team owners and force Sterling to sell the team.  Current estimates have the Clippers franchise worth around $575 million.

“Hopefully, we can move past the injustices from this man,” commented Silver.  “Ideally, I dream of a future NBA where we can return to the glory days of complaining about Clippers basketball, purely from a lack of  skill standpoint.”

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