Brewers Fans Apologize for Ryan Braun Ovation: “We realize now we’ve made some mistakes”

brewersbizjournalsMilwaukee Brewers season ticket holder Bob Douglas, flanked by a dozen other fans representing the entire Brewers fan base, stepped to the microphone today outside Miller Park, cleared his throat, and apologized.

“As we have acknowledged in the past, we are not perfect,” said Douglas, in reference to the standing ovation the fans gave Ryan Braun on Opening Day. “We realize now we’ve made some mistakes.”

Braun is loathed across baseball perhaps more than any other performance-enhancing drug cheat due to the unprecedented intensity of his denials and accusations after first getting caught. Yet despite knowingly, openly and repeatedly lying — including to Brewers fans — they still gave him a loud ovation.

“With the benefit of hindsight, we probably should have booed him or thrown heavy and/or sharp objects at him,” said Douglas. “That would have been the appropriate action and we let baseball fans down by not doing that. We let Ryan off the hook for being a total scumbag. But I guess we just so much want to have a good team that we got caught up in the moment and forgot to hate Ryan Braun and maybe even truly believed that he is sincerely sorry. We’re all embarrassed and we know our reputation will forever be tarnished. But we hope to move past this and be better in the future.”

Braun said he appreciated the support he received on his return from suspension.

“Ha! What a bunch of fuckin’ rubes,” he laughed. “These idiots will believe anything.”

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