9 Features That Should be in “MLB The Show: 14”


1. Derek Jeter Farewell Gift Design Studio

Go shopping for a gift to give Derek Jeter on his farewell tour or design a unique one that represents your city and team! Lose points if your gift is too heavy and Jeter injures himself while trying to lift it.

2. Urine Handling Mini-Game

Can you store player urine at the proper temperature and get it shipped out by FedEx in time? You hold the key to the success of a slugger’s appeal!

3. Video Replay

Live your dream of being a MLB umpire by reviewing plays on video and finding out that you were wrong and then having to admit that to 30,000 people!

4. Hit Ryan Braun in the Face with a Pitch Simulator

Here you get to throw pitches as hard as you can at Ryan Braun’s face without consequence. Using the same game engine as the always-popular Hit A.J. Pierzynski in the Face with a Pitch Simulator. Fun for all ages!

5. Yasiel Puig Driving Simulator

Get behind the wheel of a 2005 Porsche Carrera GT and try to get home from a suburban Los Angeles shopping center as quickly as possible. Watch out, for bystanders, though! You lose five points for hitting a person and 50 if they’re an L.A. celebrity!

6. Brian McCann’s Unwritten Rules Enforcement Mode

Playing a game or a season under the Brian McCann’s Unwritten Rules Enforcement Mode allows you to scream at or physically attack anyone who you believe violates the sanctity of baseball. (Note: The rules for this mode are unwritten.)

7. Baseball Agent Rapstar

Partnering with the makers of the game “Def Jam Rapstar,” this karaoke-style rap game-within-a-game allows you to spit hot baseball negotiating fire. Rap as Scott Boras, Casey Close, Jay-Z or Dan Lozano.

8. Tommy John Surgery Operation!

Cut into an authentic-looking elbow of a pitcher and fix his ulnar collateral ligament! Mess up, though, and you’ll hear a buzz and the player’s nose will light up.

9. “Season with Selig” Mini-Game

Modeled after the ’80s comedy classic “Weekend at Bernie’s,” here you try to keep commissioner Bud Selig appearing alive during his final season at the helm! Carry his body around, move his mouth to talk and be sure to keep spritzing his skin so he doesn’t dry out! Just don’t make him appear too life-like or you’ll raise suspicions and get found out.

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