10 Reasons Your Favorite Team is Going to Lose in the Playoffs

sidLebronJ1. Lack of consistency

Despite being good enough to make the playoffs, they haven’t shown the consistency that’s needed to make a deep run in the postseason. Think about it: what have even their longest winning streaks this year been bookended by? Losing. Losing on both sides. That’s just a fact. The only thing consistent about this team is its lack of consistency.

2. Defensive lapses

They’re maddening. And they’re prevalent. Think of all the times it looked like they were completely flat-footed while the opponent scored. That’s a recipe for playoff disaster.

3. Injuries

They’re banged up. How likely is it that they’ll win it all without running on all cylinders? Especially considering all of their other issues. Don’t kid yourself.

4. They peaked too early

There was a time this season when you felt the team looked very good. Possibly even great. But that time is not now. It’s in the past. If the playoffs had started then? Sure, they’d have a great shot. But the playoffs didn’t start then. They’re starting now. And your team is doomed.

5. Scoring problems

It’s tough to watch sometimes. It’s like these guys forget how to score. Wide open opportunities and … NOTHING. You want to scream at the TV screen! Well, you won’t have this frustration much longer, because with an offense like this, they won’t be sticking around in the playoffs.

6. Lack of depth

The drop-off in talent from the top players to the rest of the team is quite noticeable. How was this not addressed at the trade deadline? Oh, well. It’s too late now. Maybe they can fix it in the offseason … which is coming for them very soon.

7. Turnovers

Some of the worst losses of the season have been because of terrible turnovers. And there’s zero sign that this problem isn’t going to crop up again in the playoffs. You just know a terrible turnover is probably going to lead directly to one loss … and probably four.

8. Overrated stars

These guys get tons of love in the national media, but the national media doesn’t watch every game like you do. Are they good players? Sure. But you know that from watching every game that they’re far from perfect. If you’re honest, you know that they’re very far from perfect. There have been a lot of lapses this season. A few too many bad games. A whole batch of games in which they looked nothing like a (supposed) star player. That’s not a good sign.

9. Coaching

Hey, he got them this far and you can’t take that away from him. But how many times have you found yourself watching games and thinking: “What the hell is he doing?” That doesn’t happen with championship caliber coaches.

10. Bad luck

Winning it all takes a lot of good bounces and breaks. That doesn’t seem to be the way it’s going for your team this year. Oh, well. Maybe next year.

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