10 Greatest Sports Bubbas of All-Time!

Act_Bubba_Wells10. Bubba Wells – NBA (1997-1998)

Real name: Charles Richard Wells

From the South?: Yes. He was born and raised in Kentucky.

Best Bubba: Started two games in the NBA.

Worst Bubba: Was a shooting guard who made one three-pointer in 39 NBA games.

Most Bubba: On December 29, 1997, he set an NBA record for fouling out of a game the quickest, picking up 6 fouls in just 3 minutes.

9. Bubba Crosby – MLB (2003-2006)

Real name: Richard Stephen Crosby

From the South?: Uh-huh! He’s from Texas.

Best Bubba: Started several playoff games for the 2005 Yankees.

Worst Bubba: Had a .255 career on-base percentage.

Most Bubba: Collided with Yankees outfielder Gary Sheffield in the 2005 ALDS, allowing the Angels to take the lead in the elimination game.

8. Bubba Church – MLB (1950-1955)

Real name: Emory Nicholas Church

From the South?: Yep! He was born in Alabama and went to LSU and Mississippi State.

Best Bubba: Went 15-11 with a 3.53 ERA in 1951.

Worst Bubba: Finished his career playing three seasons with the Cubs, never posting an ERA below 5.00.

Most Bubba: Took a Ted Kluszewski line drive off the face in 1950, but pitched again a week later.

7. Bubba Trammell – MLB (1997-2003)

Real name: Thomas Bubba Trammell

From the South?: Yes! He is from Tennessee and went to Tennessee.

Best Bubba: Hit 25 home runs for the Padres in 2001.

Worst Bubba: Hit .143 for the Single-A Aberdeen IronBirds in 2007.

Most Bubba: Allegedly threatened to kill a male friend of his ex-wife’s.

6. Bubba McDowell – NFL (1989-1995)

Real name: Leonard McDowell.

From the South? No doubt. Georgia.

Best Bubba: Had 97 tackles, 4 interceptions, 4 forced fumbles and a sack as a rookie with the Oilers.

Worst Bubba: Helped the Oilers blow a 28-3 lead over the Bills in the 1993 NFL playoffs, the last time the team made the playoffs.

Most Bubba: Once owned a seafood restaurant.

5. Bubba Phillips – MLB (1955-1964)bphillips

Real name: John Melvin Phillips

From the South?: Oh, yes. Mississippi.

Best Bubba: Had 835 career hits.

Worst Bubba: Had a .297 career on-base percentage.

Most Bubba: Also played football at Southern Miss.

4. Bubba Paris – NFL (1983-1991)

Real name: William Paris

From the South?: He sure is. He’s from Louisville, Kentucky.

Best Bubba: Won three Super Bowls with the San Francisco 49ers.

Worst Bubba: Finished his career with the Detroit Lions and never entered a game.

Most Bubba: Weighed 300 pounds.

3. Bubba Franks – NFL (2000-2008)

Real name: Daniel Lamont Franks

From the South?: Yup. He was born in California, but he grew up in Texas.

Best Bubba: Made the Pro Bowl three years in a row between 2001 and 2003.

Worst Bubba: Finished his career with the Jets. Caught 6 passes.

Most Bubba: Hung around Brett Favre for nine years.

2. Bubba Watson – PGA (2003- present)Bubba-Watson-Masters-Win-10-628x351

Real name: Gerry Lester Watson, Jr.

From the South?: Indeed! He is from Florida and went to Georgia.

Best Bubba: Won the Masters twice.

Worst Bubba: In five British Opens, has missed the cut twice, and finished 30th, 23rd and 32nd.

Most Bubba: Owns the “Dukes of Hazzard” car.

1. Bubba Smith – NFL (1967-1976)SMITH12obit-articleLarge

Real name: Charles Aaron Smith

From the South?: Most definitely! He was born and raised in Texas.

Best Bubba: Is in the College Football Hall of Fame, won a Super Bowl and made two Pro Bowls.

Worst Bubba: Missed the 1972 season after running into a steel pole.

Most Bubba: Appeared in the movie “Stroker Ace” with Burt Reynolds, Ned Beatty, Jim Nabors and Loni Anderson.

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