30 Best Fantasy Baseball Team Names of 2014

imagesThanks to SportsPickle’s Facebookers for help in compiling this list.

Tough Actin’ Tanakas

Billy Beane is Not My Lover

Puigs in a Blanket

Straight Cashner, Homey

Honey Nut Ichiros

Who Has the Runs? 

Braun with the Wind

The Boys of April

Ausmus-is Jones

Fister? I Hardly Know Her

The Master Batters

Goldschmidt Happens

The War on Kipnis

Dirty Bumgarner

Marte Like a Rockstar

Jason Heyward Jablome

Wacha Like an Egyptian

Aroldis Trick in the Book

‘Stros Before Hoes

The Dead Ian Kennedys

Ubaldo is Beautiful 

The Mor-You-Neau

The Melky Way

The Melky Discharges

Smoak Show

Greg Holland’s Opus

Concerto in Mike Minor

Los Jhonny Beisbols

Openly Gallardo

Bryce Guys Finish Last

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