Warren Buffett Offers Consolation $30 to Anyone Who Correctly Picks Two Final Four Teams

buffett all voicesMulti-billionaire financier Warren Buffett’s offer of $1 billion to anyone who correctly picked every game in the 2014 NCAA Tournament didn’t even make it through the second day of the competition, as no perfect brackets were left through Friday’s action. But while the investor won’t be giving away a billion, he has now offered $30 to anyone who manages to get two of their original Final Four picks in the Final Four.

“Philanthropy is one of the great joys of my life,” said the Berkshire Hathaway chairman and CEO. “Beyond that, it’s pretty funny to me to see all of these people so desperate to get a billion dollars, somehow thinking they might be the ones to beat the 9.2-quintillion-to-1 odds. Sad. But funny.” 

Buffett says he knew “without a doubt” that he would not have to pay out a billion to anyone due to the extreme odds in his favor. He feels he may have to pay out 30 bucks to a few people for his consolation prize, but not a large number.

“The thing is: people really suck at this,” said Buffett. “They hoped to maybe get every pick right and they couldn’t even get one region right through one round. Even the supposed experts and geniuses got destroyed. I’ll give Nate Silver $2 billion if he even gets the Tournament right from the Sweet 16 on. Won’t happen. How far did you have Dayton going there, Nate? Ha! Nice model, dummy.”

The financier says that if anyone manages to get two of their picks into the Final Four, $30 will be theirs, “but I’m paying it out in change. I won’t to see how desperate people are to make money off of doing shitty-to-average in their bracket. It amuses me.”

Once the NCAA Tournament is over, Buffett says he has other challenges for sports fans.

“I really got a kick out of this, so I want to keep doing these kind of things,” said Buffett. “What do you think about $1 billion to anyone who correctly predicts every pick in the first round of the NFL Draft? How hilarious would it be to see Mel Kiper fail with so much on the line?”

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