Report: Packers Not Looking to Trade or Cut Aaron Rodgers

RodgersWikiAccording to various sources within the Packers organization, the team is not considering cutting or trading star quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

“No, that would be stupid,” said Packers general manager Ted Thompson. “Why would we do that? Why would you even ask me if we would do that? It’s a stupid question. I can tell you with 100-percent certainty that we will not trade or cut Aaron Rodgers.”

Of course, NFL teams are known for diversionary tactics during the offseason to keep opponents guessing at their true plans, and Thompson likely wouldn’t want rival GMs to know that he may cut Rodgers if a trade can’t be worked out.

Head coach Mike McCarthy also claims the team isn’t looking to trade their 30 year-old franchise quarterback.

“I guess nothing is impossible, but I do know that some things are insane and that would be insane,” he said. “Aaron is a great player at the most important position in football and he is in his prime. There’s no logical scenario that we would trade him and we definitely wouldn’t cut him. You’re an idiot for even raising this issue.”

That said, there are probably 25 or more teams in the NFL who would love the opportunity to trade for Rodgers and would no doubt offer huge packages of draft picks, young players and established veterans.

“I mean, it’s definitely something they should seriously consider doing,” said Chicago Bears general manager Phil Emery. “I’m not going to tell them how to run their team, but there’s a lot to be said for trading a guy at his peak value. Or is he really even at his peak value? It’s been a few years since he won a Super Bowl now and he’s in his thirties. It’s probably best that they just cut him.”

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