Report: Free Agents Your Favorite Team Lost Were Never That Good Anyway

NFL-Logo (2)jAccording to reports from your friends, the players your favorite team has lost so far in free agency were never really that good anyway and your team is probably better without them.

“I mean, they were okay, I guess,” said your one friend. “They did some good things, I’ll give them that. But no way I would have wanted them back unless they took a big pay cut. Their new teams are going to be really disappointed. These guys were overrated from Day 1 and I always said that.”

Your friend was not able to provide a source that would corroborate him “always [saying] that” — in fact, he owns a jersey of one of the departed players — yet he insists that he did always say the ex-players were no good. 

Another friend claims that not only is your favorite team not going to miss the players who have left, but that he always hated one of them.

“That guy was just a jerk,” he said. “Something about him. I never liked rooting for him. I’m glad he’s gone.”

He also feels that not only will your favorite team not miss the free agents who left, but that your favorite team will now be significantly better.

“You see this new guy they got?” he said. “I’m hearing a lot of good things. They seem to really like him. This guy’s got a lot of upside. I really think he could be the missing piece that puts us over the top for a championship.”

This friend denies this is the 13th consecutive year he has said that about your favorite team during the early flurry of the free agency period.

“Nah, that doesn’t sound like me,” he said.

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