Today’s Reader Hot Takes

On Dayton knocking Ohio State

out of the NCAA Tournament … 


“There goes my billion dollars from Warren Buffett. I hope the Dayton players are happy. Now I won’t be able to afford to send my kids to space college.” Doug J.

“I don’t even remember what college basketball was like without Aaron Craft. I’m scared.” – Lyle M.

“Dayton barely squeaked by a team that had lost nine of its previous 19 games? I bet their coach was pissed.” Mindy B.

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On the NCAA Tournament tipping off …


“The ball is tipped and there I am, I’m running for my life. Wait. Why am I running for my life? This doesn’t sound fun at all.” – Steve L.

“This is probably the worst team Brad Stevens has ever had entering late March.” – Miranda G.

“I bet this will be the craziest Tournament EVER, according to several sports columnists who need column ideas.” – Jamie R.

- – – – -

On Albany and NC State winning

NCAA Tournament play-in games …


“At least the losing teams had the amazing NCAA experience of making a 24-hour trip to Dayton, Ohio, in mid-March.” Lee W.

“So far I’m a perfect 2-for-2 in my play-in game predictions. I better get a check for at least 100-grand from Warren Buffett.” – Jeff T.

“I had a nice night planned of watching the fine programming on truTV and this garbage f’d it up.” — Mark J. 

- – – – -

On the Clippers’ 11-game win streak ending …


“Good. Now maybe Blake Griffin can go back to just doing cool dunks all the time.” Ben T. 

“It’s not really their fault. Sometimes the basketball principles that Vinny Del Negro taught them are bound to crop up.” - Cara P. 

“Sounds like the Lakers are the basketball kings of L.A. again.” Tom L.

- – – – -

On the 2014 NCAA Tournament bracket …


“It’s exciting to actually have a good reason to be unproductive on a Monday.” Kim J.

“The last bracket projection I saw had Colorado as a 9-seed in the Midwest, but they got the 8-seed in the South. I feel so misled.” Brian K. 

“I have 68 teams to call to see if they’ll go in on rigging the whole thing in exchange for a cut of Warren Buffett’s billion dollars.”Evan B.

- – – – -

On Louisville beating Rutgers, 92-31 …


“Yeah, but if Rutgers had hit all of its free throws, the score would have been 92-35.”Mason L.

“Sounds like this game was over quicker than … you figured out I was making a joke about Rick Pitino having sex in 15 seconds.”Doug B.

“I bet Rutgers misses Mike Rice now. If there ever was a college basketball team that deserved to be pelted with basketballs, it’s this one.”Linda F.

- – – – -

On the Patriots signing Darrelle Revis … 


“It disgusts me how Revis jumps from one team to another, always taking the best deal he can get. I respect loyalty, which is why I’m still working the same job I had when I was 15, earning minimum wage at McDonald’s.” - Seth J. 

“I doubt Patriots fans will accept a player of this caliber. I remember how they used to say Revis was hugely overrated.” - Oscar F.

“I think this is a terrible deal because I hate the Patriots.” - Mandy T.

- – – – -

On the 49ers acquiring Jonathan Martin …


“I hope the Niners did their due diligence on this guy. At least one of his former teammates had terrible things to say about him.” Steve M. 

“This will be a great deal for the Dolphins if they can use the draft pick they got in return to pick someone who is good at being mentally and emotionally tormented.” Karen A.

“This is a good fit for Martin, because when Jim Harbaugh screams insults at a person, it comes from a place of love.” Bennie J.

- – – – -

On the start of NFL free agency … 


“All the best teams are built through the draft, so this is a big day for the NFL’s many stink teams.” Jared K.

“Some NFL players are going to become very rich men today thanks to big, new contracts. Until they are cut in a year or two because NFL contracts mean nothing.” – Sandra P.

“Are any of us truly free agents? As German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel wrote: ‘The person must give himself an external sphere of freedom in order to have being as Idea.’ Also, I think the Buffalo Bills should sign Michael Vick.”David G.

- – – – -

On 23 year-old Patrick Reed winning

his third PGA title in six months … 


“Wow. His caddy must be awesome!” - Mark P.

“Where does this put him in comparison to Jack Nicklaus’ record for PGA titles in the last six months as a 23 year-old?” - Madison H.

“He’s only 23? So that means he was just 6 years-old when Tiger Woods won his first Masters. Huh. It turns out I’m a very old man who will soon be dead.” - Frank J.

- – – – -

On the Lakers losing by 48 points to the Clippers,

the biggest loss margin in franchise history  …


“Kobe can score 81 points, though. So if he was healthy, you have to think the Lakers probably win that game by 30-plus.” - Luis R.

“Someone please rescue Pau Gasol from this team before all of the losing crushes his adorable, child-like enthusiasm about life.” - Jenn W.

“They say that sometimes you learn more from losing. If that’s true, a 48-point loss has to teach you pretty much all the knowledge ever. So that’s encouraging for the Lakers.” - Alec B.

- – – – -

On No. 4 Duke losing to unranked Wake Forest …


“I guess the refs who worked the game no longer want to be employed by the ACC.” – Harrison J. 

“Ha-ha. Suck it, Duke fans. When it comes to extremely expensive private Southern schools for people of privilege, I much prefer Wake Forest over Duke.” Cheryl B.

“What a huge upset outside of the fact that it has pretty much zero impact on anything.” – Jayson M.

  - – – – -

On Roberto Luongo getting traded from the Vancouver

Canucks to the Florida Panthers …


“He has to be excited. If you’re going to miss the playoffs, you want to do it in nice weather.” Becky Z.

“Roberto better be careful. Tim Thomas has the goal area heavily mined to keep out the feds and other intruders.” - Ryan S.

“If LeBron tweets out something like: ‘Glad to have you in Miami, Luongo,’ this could end up being really big news.” - Trent A.

 – – – – -

On LeBron scoring 61 points …


“So LeBron had 61 points last night and Michael Jordan had 0 points. Guess that ends that debate.” - Mike P. 

“Performances like that could really make LeBron an attractive commodity on the free agent market this summer.” - Sarah H.

“Good thing he wasn’t wearing his black facemask. The whole performance would have been ruined.” - Pavel N.

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