Today’s Reader Hot Takes

On Dayton knocking Ohio State

out of the NCAA Tournament … 


“There goes my billion dollars from Warren Buffett. I hope the Dayton players are happy. Now I won’t be able to afford to send my kids to space college.” Doug J.

“I don’t even remember what college basketball was like without Aaron Craft. I’m scared.” — Lyle M.

“Dayton barely squeaked by a team that had lost nine of its previous 19 games? I bet their coach was pissed.” Mindy B.

– – – – –

On the NCAA Tournament tipping off …


“The ball is tipped and there I am, I’m running for my life. Wait. Why am I running for my life? This doesn’t sound fun at all.” — Steve L.

“This is probably the worst team Brad Stevens has ever had entering late March.” — Miranda G.

“I bet this will be the craziest Tournament EVER, according to several sports columnists who need column ideas.” — Jamie R.

– – – – –

On Albany and NC State winning

NCAA Tournament play-in games …


“At least the losing teams had the amazing NCAA experience of making a 24-hour trip to Dayton, Ohio, in mid-March.” Lee W.

“So far I’m a perfect 2-for-2 in my play-in game predictions. I better get a check for at least 100-grand from Warren Buffett.” — Jeff T.

“I had a nice night planned of watching the fine programming on truTV and this garbage f’d it up.” — Mark J. 

– – – – –

On the Clippers’ 11-game win streak ending …


“Good. Now maybe Blake Griffin can go back to just doing cool dunks all the time.” – Ben T. 

“It’s not really their fault. Sometimes the basketball principles that Vinny Del Negro taught them are bound to crop up.” – Cara P. 

“Sounds like the Lakers are the basketball kings of L.A. again.” Tom L.

– – – – –

On the 2014 NCAA Tournament bracket …


“It’s exciting to actually have a good reason to be unproductive on a Monday.” – Kim J.

“The last bracket projection I saw had Colorado as a 9-seed in the Midwest, but they got the 8-seed in the South. I feel so misled.” – Brian K. 

“I have 68 teams to call to see if they’ll go in on rigging the whole thing in exchange for a cut of Warren Buffett’s billion dollars.”Evan B.

– – – – –

On Louisville beating Rutgers, 92-31 …


“Yeah, but if Rutgers had hit all of its free throws, the score would have been 92-35.”Mason L.

“Sounds like this game was over quicker than … you figured out I was making a joke about Rick Pitino having sex in 15 seconds.”Doug B.

“I bet Rutgers misses Mike Rice now. If there ever was a college basketball team that deserved to be pelted with basketballs, it’s this one.”Linda F.

– – – – –

On the Patriots signing Darrelle Revis … 


“It disgusts me how Revis jumps from one team to another, always taking the best deal he can get. I respect loyalty, which is why I’m still working the same job I had when I was 15, earning minimum wage at McDonald’s.” Seth J. 

“I doubt Patriots fans will accept a player of this caliber. I remember how they used to say Revis was hugely overrated.” Oscar F.

“I think this is a terrible deal because I hate the Patriots.” Mandy T.

– – – – –

On the 49ers acquiring Jonathan Martin …


“I hope the Niners did their due diligence on this guy. At least one of his former teammates had terrible things to say about him.” – Steve M. 

“This will be a great deal for the Dolphins if they can use the draft pick they got in return to pick someone who is good at being mentally and emotionally tormented.” – Karen A.

“This is a good fit for Martin, because when Jim Harbaugh screams insults at a person, it comes from a place of love.” – Bennie J.

– – – – –

On the start of NFL free agency … 


“All the best teams are built through the draft, so this is a big day for the NFL’s many stink teams.” – Jared K.

“Some NFL players are going to become very rich men today thanks to big, new contracts. Until they are cut in a year or two because NFL contracts mean nothing.” – Sandra P.

“Are any of us truly free agents? As German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel wrote: ‘The person must give himself an external sphere of freedom in order to have being as Idea.’ Also, I think the Buffalo Bills should sign Michael Vick.”David G.

– – – – –

On 23 year-old Patrick Reed winning

his third PGA title in six months … 


“Wow. His caddy must be awesome!” Mark P.

“Where does this put him in comparison to Jack Nicklaus’ record for PGA titles in the last six months as a 23 year-old?” Madison H.

“He’s only 23? So that means he was just 6 years-old when Tiger Woods won his first Masters. Huh. It turns out I’m a very old man who will soon be dead.” Frank J.

– – – – –

On the Lakers losing by 48 points to the Clippers,

the biggest loss margin in franchise history  …


“Kobe can score 81 points, though. So if he was healthy, you have to think the Lakers probably win that game by 30-plus.” Luis R.

“Someone please rescue Pau Gasol from this team before all of the losing crushes his adorable, child-like enthusiasm about life.” Jenn W.

“They say that sometimes you learn more from losing. If that’s true, a 48-point loss has to teach you pretty much all the knowledge ever. So that’s encouraging for the Lakers.” Alec B.

– – – – –

On No. 4 Duke losing to unranked Wake Forest …


“I guess the refs who worked the game no longer want to be employed by the ACC.” – Harrison J. 

“Ha-ha. Suck it, Duke fans. When it comes to extremely expensive private Southern schools for people of privilege, I much prefer Wake Forest over Duke.” – Cheryl B.

“What a huge upset outside of the fact that it has pretty much zero impact on anything.” – Jayson M.

  – – – – –

On Roberto Luongo getting traded from the Vancouver

Canucks to the Florida Panthers …


“He has to be excited. If you’re going to miss the playoffs, you want to do it in nice weather.” – Becky Z.

“Roberto better be careful. Tim Thomas has the goal area heavily mined to keep out the feds and other intruders.” – Ryan S.

“If LeBron tweets out something like: ‘Glad to have you in Miami, Luongo,’ this could end up being really big news.” – Trent A.

 – – – – –

On LeBron scoring 61 points …


“So LeBron had 61 points last night and Michael Jordan had 0 points. Guess that ends that debate.” – Mike P. 

“Performances like that could really make LeBron an attractive commodity on the free agent market this summer.” – Sarah H.

“Good thing he wasn’t wearing his black facemask. The whole performance would have been ruined.” – Pavel N.

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