Today’s Reader Hot Takes


On MLB Opening Day …


“Ahhhh, the crack of the bat, the smell of fresh-cut grass, the wait for umpires to review replay video. Spring is here!” — Pete V.

“Sorry, but as a baseball purist, I only celebrate the Australian Opening Day.” Denny J.

“It’s hard to believe that this is the last Opening Day we’ll ever experience in which Derek Jeter doesn’t actually play because his team’s Opening Day is the following day. So much history. So much emotion.” — Amy P. 

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On Miguel Cabrera’s 10-year,

$292 million contract …


“I should have been a great baseball hitter. My high school guidance counselor really screwed me over.” Marsha P.

“Yeah, but if you look at the fine print, he has to be in Detroit for 10 more years. That’s where they get ya.” — Jenny D.

“When Mike Trout is able to buy America with his contract, I hope he is a good and merciful king.” — Lionel M.

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On Northwestern football players

being allowed to unionize …


“Northwestern’s plumbing and pipefitting teams are going to be unbeatable.” — Cade F.

“It’s about time their players get a cut of the piles of cash that Northwestern football generates.” — Gary B.   

“Their field will probably be used now to bury labor leaders.” — Garrett M. 

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On the NFL banning goal post dunking … 


“Why an outright ban? Can’t they just get some shot-blocking refs to defend the crossbar?” — Ben T.

“This is ridiculous. They’re taking all the fun out of the game. I’m not watching another NFL game until September.” — Myra P.

“Between this and the NBA Dunk Contest, 2014 is a sad chapter in dunking history.” — Glenn B.

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On the Bruins’ 12-game win streak ending …


“They say that sometimes you learn more from losing an overtime shootout than you do from winning.” — Cindy L.

“This was a legacy game and they blew it. Truth hurts.” — Cam J. 

“I’ve been saying from the beginning of this win streak: They’ll probably eventually lose.” — Sean M.

– – – – –

On Wichita State’s perfect season

ending in the Round of 32 …


“What was the point of winning 35 games in a row if they were just going to lose one in the NCAA Tournament?” — Cassie F. 

“No offense to Wichita State, but you can’t help but pull for an underdog like Kentucky in a game like that.” — Brent J. 

“Now this puts more pressure on Wichita State’s football team to win the national title this year.” — Damon A.

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