Oh, No. That Penn State Stuff in the News Again.

mcqwmtwAccording to various news reports and social media things you’ve happened to see in the past couple days, it seems like that all that Penn State stuff is being talked about again. You know. Yeah. That stuff.

It just doesn’t seem to ever go away. Well, not that it should. Not saying that. It was truly awful and those responsible for letting it happen should never be able to get away from what they did. It’s just that you’re trying to look for a sports score here and OH, COME ON! Why do I have to be reminded of serial child rape again? Please! Make it stop! 

Apparently the latest thing is that … well, look: let’s not go into it too much. It remains as horrible as ever. And not only that, there are still three guys who have to go on trial for their role in all of this. Three trials are still to come! This is never going to end. It’s not even close to the end. Sometime this summer you’ll be relaxing, sipping a beer and  innocently checking your phone to see who has the most All-Star votes and NO! THERE IT IS AGAIN! WHY ARE YOU PUTTING THIS IN MY BRAIN, SPORTS NEWS? CAN I JUST HAVE A CORONA LIGHT IN PEACE?

Again: it shouldn’t go away. The people involved are monsters and they ruined lives. But sometimes you’re just trying to see who the Wizards are playing tonight, you know?

And then, of course, there’s everything that comes with Penn State news. You inevitably come across people who say Joe Paterno was a completely innocent saint who never did anything wrong in his whole entire life and you’re just a brainwashed moron who doesn’t know the TRUTH. And then on the other side you have people saying he’s essentially the worst human ever and is burning in hell. So that gets you all riled up and you get pulled into the whole thing and why can’t it just go away? Please! Let me have some peace. Let me relax for a minute. I didn’t have anything to do with any of it, right?

I mean, the reason you like sports is that it’s kind of supposed to be an escape from the negative aspects of life, no? Work. Bad relationships. Bills. Stresses. And, yeah, definitely reminders of serial child rapists. That’s pretty much right at the top. No one watches sports to recall: “Hey, so serial child rape is a thing and sometimes child rapists are enabled by people in power for years and years and years.” No one. Yet it’s in the news again and it will be again. And again. And again and again and again and again. It’s never going to go away, no matter how much you like to pretend it will. No. Nooooooooo. No siree. It will always crop up, right when you least expect it. There will be random stories and anniversaries and lawsuits. Forever and ever and ever, dropping horribleness into your brain until you die.

Plus, even if the horribleness isn’t specifically mentioned or alluded to, there’s pretty much no one living who isn’t a Penn State diehard who will ever associate anything else with the school more than that. It can be as innocent as a scroll at the bottom of the screen: “Penn State 20, Purdue 17,” and complete awfulness at least partial invades your consciousness. Fair or not to Penn State, it’s true. It’s true. What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word “Germany.” Yep. Exactly. And that was more than 70 years ago. Penn State is now the Germany of sports.

So maybe you should just get used to it. This story is never going away and you will never be free to just relax with sports ever again.

Your only option is to give up sports completely, which isn’t a great option. Real life, non-sports life, is full of this kind of horrible news. There’s no escape from real life in real life. Sports, even sports inundated with Penn State news, is as good as it gets.

Everything is awful. I guess maybe it’s just time to accept that.

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