NHL Unable to Find a Taker for Gary Bettman at the Trade Deadline

Gary_BettmanDespite repeated efforts from league and team executives across the NHL right up until Wednesday’s 3 p.m. ET trade deadline, the NHL failed in its goal to unload commissioner Gary Bettman.

“It wasn’t for lack of trying,” said Pittsburgh Penguins owner Mario Lemieux. “We just struggled to find any takers. It wasn’t a seller’s market. At least, not a seller’s market if you’re trying to sell Gary Bettman.”

Tampa Bay Lightning general manager Steve Yzerman took time away from his team duties to help try to rid the league of Bettman but quickly grew discouraged.

“I can’t say anyone was even slightly interested,” he said. “I called everyone I could think of. Most just hung up when I said what I was calling about. There was a semi-pro baseball league in Utah that heard me out. I said we’d pick up Bettman’s entire salary and he could be their league commissioner. The guy just laughed and said ‘No, thanks.'”

By failing to dump Bettman again this year, the NHL will be forced to finish out the season and then try to unload him again in the offseason.

“I fear the market won’t be any better for him in a few months,” said a front office source. “The longer he stays the worse he looks because he ruins more things. I fear we’re stuck with him.”

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