NFL Bans Excessive Fan Celebration

NFL-FansThe NFL announced today that excessive fan celebration is no longer allowed, and will result in penalties against a fan’s favorite team if it occurs.

“We strive to have a professional environment on and off the field,” said commissioner Roger Goodell, announcing the ban. “And that includes in the stands. While we appreciate our fans and their enthusiasm, some of their behavior crosses the line. It will no longer be allowed.”

The new NFL rule was short on specifics of what constitutes excessive fan celebration and are leaving the decision up to game officials, but did include a few examples that draw a penalty. They include:

– yelling really loud

– wearing face paint

– high-fiving a fan more than one seat away

– cheering on camera with a product that is not an official league partner

– saying “Woooooo!” more than 15 seconds after a touchdown

– more than two consecutive fist-pumps

“We think everyone in the stadium can have more fun if all fans seek to be a little bit more contained with their displays of fun,” said Goodell. “What we’re going for is an internal feeling of fun and excitement, but not one that interferes with other fans or the action on the field.”

Goodell was forced to end his press conference due to getting drowned out by boos. He later announced in a press release that booing the commissioner is also banned.

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