Guy You Haven’t Talked to Since Fantasy Football Season Asks if You Want to be in His NCAA Tourney Pool

guy400600Your friend who you haven’t heard from since fantasy football season asked you today to sign up for his NCAA Tournament pool.

“Friend? Is he my friend? I’m not sure,” you said. “I honestly have no recollection of how I ever met this guy or knew him. I think I just somehow got in fantasy leagues and such with him years back and now … here we are.”

In his e-mail to you with the signup information for the tournament pool, the friend — or acquaintance, at least — finished his note by saying: “Hope you’re well. Let’s get a drink sometime.”

“I’m not sure what to do with that,” you said. “Have we ever gotten a drink before? I don’t think we have. I think maybe he thinks we went to college together or something. And maybe we did. I have no idea. But I can’t tell you a thing about him. He may be married or have kids. I don’t know. I get the sense he is somewhere between 20 and 50 years-old and is white or possibly mixed race.”

If there ever was a scenario in which you got a drink with the guy, you’d have no idea what to say to him.

“First, I’d have to be able to recognize him at a bar, which would be 50-50,” you said. “Beyond that, I guess I’d just make small talk about fantasy football and NCAA Tournament pools, because I truly know nothing else about him.”

You later admitted that this guy is probably one of your favorite people.

“It’s just fantasy football, maybe some fantasy baseball and an NCAA Tournament pool every year,” you said. “There’s not a lot of drama or expectations with him. He’s never asked me to help him move, for example. He’s a good guy.”

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