Depressing Sixers’ Postgame Quotes from After Every Game of Their Historic Losing Streak

BrettBrownJLoss #1: January 31st, 125-99 vs. Hawks

“It was the poorest performance of our season tonight. The effort wasn’t there.” — head coach Brett Brown

Loss #2: February 1st, 113-96 at Pistons

“It’s hard. No, it’s hard. I go back to where we started [in the beginning of the season]. We are trying to get these guys better. We are trying to develop. We want to play. We want to give them opportunities. There’s no time to hold your head. You are in the NBA.” — Brown

Loss #3: February 3, 108-102 at Nets

“Isn’t that amazing? You actually get to shoot and have a chance to score,” — Brown, on what happens when a basketball team doesn’t turn the ball over

Loss #4: February 5, 114-108 vs. Celtics

“It was kind of like the story of our year. We battled back, but it takes so much energy to get back in games.” — Spencer Hawes

Loss #5: February 7, 112-98 vs. Lakers

“It appears we play better on the road. Everybody wants to do better in our city, in front of our fans.” — Brown

Loss #6: February 9, 123-78 at Clippers

“We ran into a buzz saw and we got jumped early.” — Brown

Loss #7: February 10, 123-80 at Warriors

“It’s hard for everybody. The reality of it is they have put in so much time and despite all the turmoil, it’s a group that’s been together, stayed together. At times, you look up and you have to keep going and keep on playing with some level of dignity, and it’s hard doing that.” — Brown

Loss #8: February 12, 105-100 at Jazz

“We kept fighting. A couple of balls didn’t go our way at the end of the game. . . . We just have to try and take that momentum to the next level.” — Thaddeus Young

Loss #9: February 18, 114-85 vs. Cavaliers

“There were effort problems. You can’t hide from that.” — Brown

Loss #10: February 21, 124-112 vs. Mavericks

“This situation, I don’t know how much worse it could get.” — Young

Loss #11: February 24, 130-110 vs. Bucks

“The effort was extraordinarily poor.” — Brown

Loss #12: February 26, 101-90 vs. Magic

“I just think right now [Coach Brown] is trying to get a feel for what lineups are working and what lineups are not going to work.” — Young

Loss #13: March 1, 122-103 vs. Wizards

“All the time.” — Brown, when asked if he wonders if the Sixers will win another game

Loss #14: March 2, 92-81 at Magic

“We were throwing the ball away or not knowing who to turn to. We poked ourselves in the eye with our turnovers.” — Brown

Loss #15: March 4, 125-92 at Thunder

“I don’t think I lost my cool at all.” — Michael Carter-Williams

Loss #16: March 8, 104-92 vs. Jazz

“It’s tough losing. I feel like we had that one. Some calls didn’t go our way. It was the little things that hurt us. You never want to leave it in the refs’ hands. I still feel like we definitely had that one.” — Tony Wroten

Loss #17: March 10, 123-110 at Knicks

“To be honest with you, I’m trying to not even think about it. You know, we lose, it’s on to the next game. I can’t dwell on us losing 17 in a row. That’s not doing anything for me. That’s not doing anything for the team, for the coaching staff. Nobody. Whatever all the talk is about us losing 17 games and people writing about it, that’s fine. We are going to stay focused as a team. And we are going to focus in on a win.” — Carter-Williams

Loss #18: March 12, 115-98 vs. Kings

“Inch by inch, the game got away from us.” — Brown

Loss #19: March 14, 101-94 vs. Pacers

“We need every break we can get if we are going to beat a team.” — Brown

Loss #20: March 15, 103-77 vs. Grizzlies

“This is not slit-your-wrist time … Any win we have right now would be considered an upset.” — Brown

Loss #21: March 17, 99-90 at Pacers

“I always feel that when we step out on the court, we have a chance to win the game just because of the nature of the NBA. It is what it is. Good teams have bad days, too.” — Young

Loss #22: March 19, 102-94 vs. Bulls

“We’re going to get one soon.” — Wroten

Loss #23: March 22, 93-92 vs. Knicks

“I can never get used to losing. I ain’t worried about no losses in a row. A loss is a loss. It happens.” — Wroten

Loss #24: March 23, 91-81 at Bulls

“We were 1 for 20 [from 3] — what do you say? It’s going to be hard. … It’s always going to be hard if you can’t make perimeter shots. This group has struggled doing that, and so, finding wins and finding ways to stay in games is always going to be a challenge.” — Brown

Loss #25: March 24, 113-91 at Spurs

“You want your guys to play their ‘A’ game, whatever level that is, and we did not.” — Brown

Loss #26: March 27, 120-98 at Rockets

“If we had sprinkled [our] 15 wins out differently, the attention wouldn’t be as it is. And I understand why it’s here, but we still don’t have the poorest record in the league. And I think that when you look at the realities of where we’ve ended up, it’s not as painful or as shocking to us as it may seem to others.” — Brown

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