Cowboys Restructure Tony Romo’s Contract to Make It a Little Less Horrible

tony6The Dallas Cowboys have created significant cap space by restructuring Tony Romo’s hilariously massive $108 million contract, allowing the team to pay other players who are as shitty as Tony Romo.

“By changing Tony’s deal, we are closer to being under the cap, meaning we can keep paying all of our other players,” said Jerry Jones, the owner, president and general manager of the team with one playoff win since the 1995 season. “This was a heck of an 8-8 team we had and we’re excited to be able to bring them all back.”

Romo, who will be 34 this season and is coming off back surgery, was given a 6-year, $108 million contract with $55 million guaranteed last offseason by the Cowboys, who offered the quarterback that deal willfully and not at gunpoint or anything like that.

The restructuring of Romo’s deal has been met with praise throughout the league. 

“We were afraid they might cut him, eat what’s left of the deal and draft Johnny Manziel,” said New York Giants general manager Jerry Reese. “But this signals that they plan to keep him for the next five years. I can’t imagine better news for the Giants organization.”

Eagles general manager Howie Roseman said he approached Jerry Jones about possibly finding a way for Philadelphia to pick up some of Romo’s contract to keep him on the Cowboys.

“Jerry said to me: ‘Of course not. It’s an honor to pay Tony. He’s the most talented quarterback in the NFL,'” said Roseman. “I obviously busted out laughing, but Jerry was really quiet. He was serious. Needless to say, the rest of the conversation was pretty awkward and it ended a minute or two later.”

Dallas’ opponents encouraged the team to also restructure the contracts of their players on the defensive side of the ball.

“They need to make it happen,” said Reese. “All those guys should retire as Dallas Cowboys. But ideally not for years and years.”

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