Bracket of Completely Random Things That Aren’t Related in Any Way: Temperate Region Round 1!

Temperate Region: Round 1


16) Mayim Bialik -vs- 1) ball-peen hammer


Mayim Bialk starred in Blossom in the mid-’90s or whenever. Today she has a vegan cookbook.

Ball-peen hammer is also known as a “machinist’s hammer.” It has a rounded side instead of a claw, which probably serves some sort of purpose.

– – – – –

9) cumulonimbus clouds -vs- 8) Zaire


Cumulonimbus clouds are pretty cool looking and usually mean there’s a thunderstorm coming, if I remember 6th grade science class correctly.

Zaire is no longer the name of the country. It’s now called the Democratic Republic of Congo. As you can see above, it’s a large country in Central Africa.

– – – – –

5) rosacea -vs- 12) former President James K. Polk


Rosacea can really mess up skin if not treated.

James K. Polk was the 11th U.S. President. He was born in North Carolina, but lived in Tennessee. He led the U.S. to a victory in the Mexican-American War.

– – – – –

4) ennui -vs- 13) Ricotta cheese


Ennui: a general sense of boredom, listlessness and discontent with life in general.

Ricotta cheese: a cheese that’s used a lot to make lasagna.

– – – – –

6) Funyuns -vs- 11) carbon


Funyuns are onion-flavored rings.

Carbon is the basis of life.

– – – – –

3) “Precious (Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire)” -vs-

14) Wing-dings font


“Precious (Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire)” is a critically-acclaimed 2009 film. (Note: you are voting here for the movie, not the book or the character Precious.)

Wing-dings is a dingbat font that puts out symbols instead of letters.

– – – – –

7) Go-go music -vs- 10) string theory

gogostringGo-go music is a kind of dance music mostly popular only in and around Washington, D.C.

String theory is a scientific theory that says all known matter and energy exist in a single, vibrating string. Or something close to that.

– – – – –

15) the color mauve -vs- 2) dry-erase markers



Mauve is a sort of muted purple. It may have some gray or tan mixed in.

Dry-erase markers are commonly used to write on whiteboards in conference rooms, classrooms and locker rooms.

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