Bracket of Completely Random Things That Aren’t Related in Any Way: Paparazzi Region Round 1

Paparazzi Region: Round 1


16) “Hot In Herre” -vs- 1) nostrils

NellyNostrilsJ“Hot in Herre” is a song produced by St. Louis rapper Nelly in 2002 on the album Nellyville.

Nostrils are an exterior opening of the nose, aiding in inhalation and exhalation.

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9) crowdsourcing -vs- 8) kettle corn


Crowdsourcing is the practice of soliciting contributions or ideas from a large number of people in hopes one preeminent result will emerge.

Traditionally made in an iron kettle, kettle corn is a sweet and salty variety of popcorn.

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5) Schadenfreude -vs-  12) tails


Schadenfreude is a German term describing the pleasure one can feel over the misfortune of others.

Tails are things found at the back ends of may animals. They are often made of bone, covered in skin and fur, and are associated with wagging.

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4) Lend-Lease Act -vs-  13) anti-dandruff shampoo


The Lend-Lease Act was a law that allowed the United States to provide Great Britain, Russia and other Allied nations with military equipment and supplies during World War II.

Anti-dandruff shampoo cleans hair like regular shampoo, but also treats dandruff.

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6) metric system -vs- 11) your aunt


The metric system is a decimal measuring system used for weight, length and capacity. It used in most every country in the world except the United States.

Your aunt is your aunt.

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3) Lake Huron -vs-  14) Hot Pockets


Lake Huron is one of the Great Lakes. It’s East shore is Ontario. It’s West shore is Michigan.

Hot Pockets are microwaveable dough pockets stuffed with meat, cheese and sometimes vegetables.

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7) erections -vs- 10) Jewish holidays


Erections are a rigid state of the male mammal penis which allows it to engage in sexual intercourse.

Jewish holidays include Tu B’Shvat, Purim, Passover, Shavout, Tisha B’Av, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Hanukkah, among others.

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15) golf -vs- 2) coffee

golfcoffeGolf is an outdoor game in which players swing clubs at a small, white ball and try to get it into a hole in as few swings as possible.

Coffee is a beverage made from ground coffee beans.

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