Aaron Hernandez Asks Bristol County Jail to be Released or Traded

HernandeztpsBristol County (Mass.) Jail inmate Aaron Hernandez today asked the facility to release him so he can pursue opportunities away from prison.

“Free agency is really heating up, but Aaron is locked in here. Literally,” said David Dunn, Hernandez’s agent. “We think he deserves to be given an opportunity with another organization. He’s been a model teammate, er … inmate since he’s been here. He hasn’t killed anyone. They need to do right by him.”

But Bristol County Jail warden Mark Cutcliffe says he currently has no intention of releasing Hernandez. 

“He may not believe us, but we have long-term plans for him here,” said the warden. “I truly believe Aaron, or Inmate No. 174954, as he’s known around here, will be in our system for a long time. I’m talking 10, 15, 20 years. In fact, if things go the right way, he’ll be here for life.”

If an outright release from prison is not granted, Hernandez would also be open to a trade.

“He’d be happy to have an opportunity elsewhere,” said Dunn. “I know the Bengals and Ravens have had prison work-release programs before. We think Aaron would be a perfect fit for the correctional facility in Cincinnati or Baltimore.”

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