49ers Players Say Mean Jim Harbaugh Makes All the Rules and Yells Sometimes

HarbaughyodaleAccording to reports, 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh has rubbed some of his players the wrong way and, despite his success with the organization, many in the locker room wouldn’t be upset if he moved on.

“His act has started to wear thin,” said one prominent 49ers player. “He walks around here like he runs the place, barking out orders and telling people what to do. I don’t know who he thinks he is.”

Another veteran 49er echoed his teammates comments, saying that “Harbaugh carries this demeanor around with him like all the players have to do whatever he says or else. I don’t know where he gets off thinking he gets to call all the shots.”

Among the many complaints 49ers players have about their head coach are: 

  • always saying when practices and meetings start “and insisting that we be there”
  • deciding who is playing
  • deciding the game plan
  • raising his voice to get the attention of players or to drive home a point
  • telling players when they make mistakes, often in front of their teammates
  • using a loud whistle during practices
  • making players come into work on Sundays

In response to the complaints, the head coach said that anyone has a problem with his approach “can speak to me face-to-face like a man. And if they still feel they can’t play for me, I encourage them to go elsewhere.”

“See what I mean?” said a 49ers player of his head coach’s comments. “This is a team. Or at least it’s supposed to be. A team. No one guys is in charge on a team.”

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