Young American Hockey Player Dreams of Growing Up to be Canadian

blogsmprnewsorgLittle Alex Perry, age 7, has been skating since the age of three and playing hockey since before his fifth birthday. His parents say he loves the sport and watches it and practices it every night at home, dreaming of one day achieving his hockey dream of being Canadian.

“It’s all he talks about,” says his father, Jason. “He knows that Canadian hockey is the peak of hockey and he wants to be part of Team Canada one day. I don’t have the heart to tell him that it’s probably never going to happen.”

Born in Pennsylvania, Alex is an American citizen. He could never play for Canada unless his team moved there and became citizens.

“I want my kids to achieve their dreams,” said Cindy Perry, Alex’s mother. “But moving to another country is a pretty big life change. I have a job here. Maybe if he sticks with the sport and still loves it when he’s a teenager, I’ll consider allowing him to be Canadian. But what if it’s too late then? What if all the years of not being Canadian hurt his development and he’s too far behind? It’s a lot to think about.”

Alex says all of his favorite players are Canadian and he even has a Team Canada jersey.

“Why do I have to be stupid American?” he said. “My parents don’t let me do anything.”

The boy’s parents have agreed to take him to a hockey camp in Ontario this summer. Alex plans to refuse to leave.

“Everyone in Canada plays in the NHL and I want to play in the NHL, too,” said Alex. “But my parents keep saying that if I don’t obey them that they’ll make me Russian. I definitely don’t want to be Russian. They’re the worst in the whole world at hockey.”

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