Team USA Bobsled Brakeman Checks Again for Bobsled Brakeman Openings

wikisled600Steve Masterson, bobsled brakeman for USA 2 at the Sochi Olympics, returned to his computer again this morning to conduct a job search on for “bobsled brakeman” openings. It was the fifth time he’d conducted such a search this morning, and the 31st time since returning home from competing in the Sochi Games.
Even though each job search returned zero results, Masterson remained upbeat. “You never know. There could be a job opening up at any minute and I want to be the first to apply. I’m definitely qualified.”

With the Olympics over and a four-year wait until the 2018 Olympics in South Korea, athletes like Steve are taking a break from their training and returning to the workforce.

“I figured that Papa John’s could hire cross country skiers to deliver pizza in northern Minnesota,” Masterson said. “So why not me? What if a customer lives near the bottom of a long, winding icy road? I could sit in the back of a pizza delivery car and apply the brakes at just the right time when we get to their house. I still have my helmet and everything.”

Masterson’s coach, Floyd Pritz echoed his optimism.

“I know Steve. And I know that any company would really appreciate his abilities as a brakeman. But that’s not all he can do. His ability to push a sled and then tuck down and be as aerodynamic as possible. I mean, he’s exceptional.”

Pritz went on, “Just think of the advantage a company like Google or Apple would gain with an experienced brakeman. Or, for that matter, an experienced bobsled coach. Think they’re hiring?”

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