Sports Writers Return from Sochi to Dilapidated Cities with Terrible Infrastructure

detroitAmerican sportswriters have been tweeting out mind-blowing photos of their hometown cities in recent days as they return from the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

“Look at these buildings falling apart,” a Detroit Free Press columnist tweeted with a picture of an abandoned city apartment building. A broken, disconnected toilet sat on the building’s sagging front porch. “What an embarrassment. They expect people to live in this city? #smh”

A Chicago sportswriter posted on Instagram a photo of a crime scene he passed on his way home from the airport.

“Heard gunshots and now this. Hard to feel safe in this city. Security here is a nightmare.” 

A Philadelphia sportswriter posted on Facebook that the facade of a building in his neighborhood “had collapsed and spilled bricks into the street. It’s like a third world country here.”

Others shared photos of crumbling bridges, outdate rail lines and roads covered in potholes. Still more pictures captured entire neighborhoods that looked too rundown to humanely house people.

“Clearly major parts of this country aren’t prepared to handle an event as big as life in the 2014,” one writer posted on Twitter. “This is a disgrace.”

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