Which “Regular” Athlete Would be Best at Each Winter Olympic Sport?

LebronSkiFinalJAlpine Skiing = LeBron James

He has strength. He has agility. He is fearless and he would put in the work required to be a successful skier. 

Biathlon = LeBron James

He has the stamina to do well in the cross country skiing portion of the event and in recent years he has shown the ability to calm his nerves and be a marksman, too.

Bobsled = LeBron James

LeBron is a great teammate. He could drive the sled or help push it. An obvious asset to any team.

Cross Country Skiing = LeBron James

Strength, endurance and his stride-length would allow him to destroy the field.

Curling = LeBron James

LeBron has a great strategic mind and exceptional touch. He would make a world-class curler.

Figure Skating = LeBron James

A quad? Pfffft. Have you seen LeBron jump? He would destroy figure skating.

Freestyle Skiing = LeBron James

Freestyle skiing is basically the dunk competition on skis. We all know what would happen if LeBron entered the dunk competition.

Ice Hockey = LeBron James

Imagine what kind of hockey player LeBron James would be. The size of Zdeno Chara, but with exponentially superior strength, athleticism, instincts and moves. No hockey record would stay standing.

Luge = LeBron James

Watch LeBron deftly slice through the lane and tell me he wouldn’t easily and quickly navigate the twists and turns of the luge course.

Skeleton = LeBron James

See Luge. Plus, Nike would no doubt design an awesome helmet for him.

Ski Jumping = LeBron James

LeBron can jump from beyond the free throw line and dunk easily. Give him a speeding start and a ramp? Wouldn’t even be fair.

Snowboard = LeBron James

Athleticism, power, style and guts is what sets snowboarders apart. LeBron has all of those in spades.

Speed Skating = Billy Hamilton

The Cincinnati Reds rookie is crazy-fast.

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