Peyton Manning: “I am content with my legacy as an accomplished commercial pitchman”

hqdefault (1)Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning expressed disappointment over his performance in Super Bowl XLVIII today, but said he doesn’t believe the game will impact his legacy.

“What my legacy is or is not is ultimately not determined by me. It’s decided by the media and the public,” said Manning. “But I know how I feel about my career and one game does not change the fact that I am one of the premier commercial pitchman working today. I’m proud of what I’ve done in the ad game. The quantity of national brands who choose to affiliate with me speaks for itself.”

Manning refused to say where he ranks all-time, but believes “I’m in the conversation with Billy Mays and the other legends. My body of commercials are right up there.”

Broncos head coach John Fox echoed Manning’s comments.

“This doesn’t change anything for me,” he said. “I didn’t see the commercials because I was coaching in the game, but I did hear he didn’t have any new ones air. I know that’s disappointing for him. The Super Bowl is the peak of TV advertising and he wasn’t a part of it. That’s tough for anyone who takes corporate shilling as seriously as Peyton does. But I’m sure now that the football season is over, he’ll have a lot more time to shoot ads and he’ll be back at the top very soon.”

The Super Bowl disappointment aside, Manning says that in a few months or years he hopes to be able to look back at this year positively.

“I think the ‘Football on Your Phone’ spot will go down as an all-timer,” said Manning. “No one can take that away from me.”

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