Kurt Russell Begs Team USA to Win Hockey Gold So He Can Maybe Get Another Acting Job

Miracle-kurt-russell-18538555-720-540Actor Kurt Russell sent a hand-written letter to Team USA’s hockey team this week in Sochi, imploring them to win gold and expressing his desire to act in a second Olympic hockey movie.

Russell received positive reviews playing U.S. coach Herb Brooks in 2004 “Miracle,” a movie about the underdog 1980 U.S. team that upset the Soviets, but has seen acting job harder to come by in recent years.

“You have a whole country pulling for you,” wrote Russell. “But most of all, you have me pulling for you. You have no idea how much I need this. Please. Please win the gold medal for me.”

Head coach Dan Bylsma confirmed that he had received the letter and admitted it got “a little bit rambling and desperate.” 

“I think it came from a good place, though,” said Bylsma. “And I might be able to use it to motivate the team. We are no longer huge underdogs, but if we pretend we are Kurt Russell — a 62 year-old actor who has never really been seen as having the chops to be in serious films, but at the same time has sort of been left out of the older-man action movie genre that has sprung up, all while most likely having several mortgages he’s still paying from homes he bought in his heyday — well, you can’t get a bigger underdog than that.”

Russell also reportedly sent letters to other U.S. Winter Olympic teams.

“Yep. I got one, too,” said women’s curling coach Jeff Reynolds. “He pitched me on a movie he called ‘Curling Miracle.’ He said the most memorable scene would be after a loss, that I keep the women late to sweep the ice over and over and over again until they start throwing up. I don’t know. I love curling and I’m not a Hollywood expert, but I don’t see anyone making that movie.”

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