Knicks Promise Fans Season Will be Over in Just 50 Days

nyklogoThe New York Knicks sent an e-mail to season ticket holders this morning promising them that the 2013-2014 is “rapidly approaching its end” and “will hopefully be here before we all know it.”

The letter, which was also posted on the team’s official website, comes the morning after the team’s latest humiliating defeat and just hours after point guard Raymond Felton was arrested on gun charges. The letter continues a nearly annual tradition in which the Knicks apologize to their fans and assure them the season will end soon enough, albeit one that hasn’t been seen since 2010.

“The end of this season will bring a much-needed break from Knicks basketball of more than five months,” read the letter. “Giving up also allows us to focus on the hope of next season. Granted, we don’t have any 1st Round draft picks, but that won’t stop us from trying to improve. There are many veteran players we could sign as free agents.”

Of the team’s 25 remaining games, “15 of them are on the road, a special gift that will help all of us forget about the Knicks as much as possible. Only 10 home games remain. Know hope!”

The letter closed by informing fans that 2014-2015 tickets will be 10-percent more expensive “to help defray the costs of the luxury tax, the loss of revenue from not making the playoffs and our coming veteran free agent binge.”

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