Johnny Weir Finds Great Deal on Polo Shirts on Latest Shopping Trip

Weir poloNBC figure skating analyst Johnny Weir said he scored a “major deal” today on polo shirts, getting two for $20 at a Russian department store.

“I spend a lot of money on clothes, so I have to take a deal when I can get it,” said Weir. “And two polo shirt for just 20 bucks is definitely a deal. They’re so practical. You can wear them with khakis, jeans, a leather and metal skirt. Anything.”

Weir found the gray and tan polo shirts at a store he said reminded him of a “Russian Sears.”

“There was a lot of fluorescent lighting and this awful, boring music playing,” he said. “But, boy, did they have deals. It wasn’t just polo shirts. I also got a bag of tube socks for $8 and a pair of jean shorts for $11.”

The former Olympic figure skater was accompanied on his trip by fellow NBC employee Al Michaels, who said he can’t keep up with his colleague’s fashion tastes.

“The tube socks he got had a navy stripe at the top,” said Michaels. “That’s a little flashy for me.”

Weir said he’ll likely wear the polo shirts as is, but may “cut two little holes in the chests to reveal my nipples. Tune in to tomorrow’s broadcast to see.”

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