Bob Costas Throws Tirade as Background Fireplace Still Not to His Liking

Bob-Costas-NBC-Olympics-618x400“More homey, goddammit!” Bob Costas yelled last night after yet another failed attempt to appease the well-known NBC host with a fireplace to his liking in the background of the network’s  Sochi Winter Olympic studio.

“You’re lucky this is a fake fireplace otherwise I would’ve thrown all you [expletives] into it by now,” continued Costas in a tirade captured on a production assistant;s iPhone.  “This is the WINTER Olympics, you [expletives]. This pathetic fire isn’t befitting a youth hockey tournament!” he yelled before spitting in the PA’s direction.

Costas, who has been with NBC since the early 1980s, is known for his calm and collected demeanor, as well as his charm and quick wit during interviews and broadcasts. But his outburst showed a different side to the little man.

“The Bob Costas you see on TV is a completely different Bob Costas that we see behind the scenes.  Everything has to be perfect or he’ll yell at you.  Or spit on you.  Or uppercut you right in the crotch. He’s quite a little tyrant,” reported a staffer who wishes to remain anonymous for fear of retribution.

“And so help you god if you call him ‘Bob,'” continued the source. “Everything must be ‘Bob Costas,’ ‘Mr. Costas’, ‘Mr. Bob Costas.’ I even heard him make some new guy refer to himself as ‘your majesty.’ I assumed it was in jest but the guy’s been calling him ‘your majesty’ all week now and he has to kneel down whenever he sees him.”

NBC president Steve Burke said he is aware of the claims and is looking into launching a formal investigation, although warned the general public to be careful what it wishes for.

“If Costas goes, our likely replacement is Carson Daly,” he said. “So everybody might just want to let this slide.”

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