9 Reasons [Player You Don’t Like] Will be the Biggest Bust in NFL Draft History

johnfblankHe’s inconsistent

Check his stats. Look at his game log. There were certain weeks his numbers were noticeably down. That’s a big red flag to me, and it should be to any potential NFL employers. The NFL is about consistency. Week after week. You can’t just show up whenever you want.

He feasted on poor opponents

Some of his biggest performances came against the worst teams on his schedule. That’s just a fact. Here’s another fact: there are no weak opponents in the National Football League. Every team is a college all-star team. Every team is better than the best SEC team ever. You can’t pad your stats against bad opponents in the NFL. That’s the truth.

His playing style doesn’t translate well

The National Football League is a different animal. Some of the stuff he got away with in college simply won’t fly in the NFL. They are pros. They’ve seen everything before. His style worked well in college. Against amateurs. But the NFL will be a rude awakening. There’s nowhere to hide there.

There are injury concerns

He’s been hurt before. What’s going to happen when you throw him onto the field with bigger, strong and faster players? Can his body hold up? There’s zero reason to think it will. He’s been hurt and he’ll get hurt again. It’s fantasy to pretend he won’t.

He has focus issues

There are concerns he’s not fully invested in being a professional football player. He has outside interests. He has had girlfriends. He has a social media presence. The list goes on. It’s great to be well-rounded in most fields, but NFL teams need their players to be all-in. This isn’t a reason alone not to draft him, but thrown in with everything else, it’s just another alarming red flag. 

He just doesn’t have the “It” factor

Some players have it, some players don’t. He doesn’t. Sit in a room with him. Look him in the eyes. Or just watch him on TV. He doesn’t have that special something that makes all of the great ones great.

Scouts aren’t sold on him

This isn’t just me talking him down. There are others who have concerns about him, too. How many warning shots from experts do NFL teams need?

There are whispers about him

You don’t want to put too much weight in rumors, but at the same time: where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire. There are some people who knew this guy in college who don’t like him. They say he’s arrogant. They say he puts on a facade when talking to media and the fans. Some of these voices even come from his locker room. No team should take a risk on a guy with this kind of baggage.

He’s got all the tell-tale bust signs

Think of all the failed NFL players who were the same size. Think of all the failed NFL players who came out of his program. Think of all the NFL busts who also had really good college careers. This guy lines up with all three categories. Three strikes, you’re out. He’s going to be the biggest draft bust in NFL history. That is, if any team is dumb enough to pick him.

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