9 Reasons [Player You Like] Will be the Biggest Star from the NFL Draft

johnfblankHe doesn’t care about numbers

Check his stats. Look at his game log. There were certain weeks his numbers were noticeably down. Other weeks they were way up. That should excite any potential NFL employer. Success isn’t about putting up gaudy stats every week, it’s about winning. Week after week. He knows that.

He beat who he was supposed to beat

Some of this guy’s idiotic detractors try to point out that some of his best games came against the worst teams on his schedule. Well, yeah. I’d hope so. That’s the sign of a player who doesn’t suffer letdowns. You can’t lose focus in the NFL regardless of your opponent. That’s the truth.

His playing style can adapt

The National Football League is a different animal than the college game and this guy is more than prepared for that. Football is football and he’s shown he can make plays in many different ways. There’s no reason to think his production won’t carry over.

He can play through injuries

He has been hurt before and he’s still standing. His body can hold up against bigger, strong and faster players. There’s zero reason to think it won’t. Everyone gets hurt in the NFL and he’ll get hurt, but not everyone is as tough as this guy.

He’s well-rounded

He knows there’s more than life than being a professional football player. He has outside interests. He has relationships. He is on social media. He has a social life. The list goes on. He gets it done on the field but can relax and unwind away from football. That is a major key to having a long and successful career.

He has the “It” factor

Some players have it, some players don’t. He has it. Sit in a room with him. Look him in the eyes. Or just watch him on TV. He has that special something that makes all the great ones great.

Lots of scouts love him

This isn’t just me talking him up. There are others who love him him, too. How many endorsements from experts do NFL teams need?

Those close to him have great things to say

You don’t want to put too much weight in friends, family, teammates and coaches, but at the same time: they know him best. There are countless people who knew this guy in college who don’t have a negative word to say about him. They say he’s humble. They say he’s honest and candid when talking to media and the fans. He’d be great to have in the locker room. Every team would want to take on a guy like this.

He’s got all the tell-tale signs of a superstar

Think of all the star NFL players who were the same size. Think of all the star NFL players who came out of his program. Think of all the NFL stars who also had really good college careers. This guy lines up with all three categories. He’s going to be the biggest star in this whole draft. Great news for the team smart enough to pick him.

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