10 Debate and Thinkpiece Topics for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition


1. Why is this girl reaching across the girl immediately beside her to touch a girl’s butt two butts away? Is there a rift in the modeling locker room? Is the girl on the right a swimsuit locker room cancer? Or is the girl in the middle hated by her modeling teammates?

2. ELITE sideboob? Or just good sideboob?

3. An upper-arm bracelet is NOT a ring. None of these girls appear to have rings. Are they failures?

4. None of these girls are black. What is the cause of the lack of black swimsuit models? Do we need to do a better job developing youth swimsuit modeling programs in black communities?

5. Rising ocean levels: a serious problem that the world needs to address.

6. There is head-to-head contact here. Has swimsuit modeling addressed concussions? Why are these girls not wearing helmets?

7. That is a toned and shapely butt. Are any swimsuit models on PEDs? Does swimsuit modeling have a drug-testing program in place? What is true “beauty” if it’s supplemented by PEDs?

8. These girls seem pretty handsy with each other. Are they gay? Openly gay? Is swimsuit modeling ready for a lesbian? How would a lesbian affect the swimsuit locker room?

9. There is no visible sunscreen on these girls. Is it irresponsible for them to dress like this on the cover of a major magazine, considering the severity of UV rays and the prevalence of skin cancer? Are they being forced to model without sunscreen? Does swimsuit modeling have any relevance to the worldwide problem of sex trafficking and slavery?

10. Would any of these girls want to have sex with you? They’re pretty.

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