Yankees Insist Masahiro Tanaka Saying: “When do I get your Yankee steroids?” Was Just a Translation Error

084e85d54b9310b1266afbaf9ee52e6ff8c53125Star Japanese pitcher Masahiro Tanaka confirmed at a press conference today that he has agreed to pitch for the New York Yankees, signing a 7-years, $155 million deal with the team.

“I am very happy to be … a Yankee,” Tanaka then said in broken English. “Now, I must ask: When do I get your Yankee steroids that you promised me? I want to grow very big a strong.”

Tanaka’s team-appointed translator then grabbed the microphone away from the pitcher and said: “Ha-ha. Good one, Masahiro. Okay, does anyone have any questions? Questions not about what he just said about the steroids, of course? That was obviously just some sort of language error. He doesn’t speak a lot of English.” 

The gathered media then asked several questions about Tanaka’s steroids comment, to which the translator repeatedly said: “No comment.” Or: “I told you that was nothing. Let’s move on.”

However, while the translator was speaking, Tanaka was busy making muscles and giving thumbs up to team representatives, and repeatedly said: “Steroids, yes? Give me your Yankee steroids.”

After several more steroids-related questions were asked by the media, the press conference was ended.

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman stressed that Tanaka, despite having a lot of innings on his arm by age 25, will not be given steroids.

“Hahaha. That was just a misunderstanding,” he said. “Traditional steroids are so easily detected by modern testing. It would be foolish to give him regular steroids.”

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