How the Super Bowl XLVIII Outcome Will Impact Player/Coach Conventional Wisdom


Peyton Manning

If the Broncos win: Simply the greatest quarterback in the history of football.

If the Seahawks win: A choker who just can’t get it done in the playoffs.

Richard Sherman

If the Seahawks win: The prototype of the modern athlete: intelligent, confident and amazingly talented. The NFL’s new superstar.

If the Broncos win: A cocky, overrated jerk who can’t back up his mouth.

Russell Wilson

If the Seahawks win: The future of the NFL at the quarterback position.

If the Broncos win: A barely-above average quarterback who coasts off his defense and isn’t a real threat to ever win a Super Bowl. 

Wes Welker

If the Broncos win: One of the greatest receivers of his generation.

If the Seahawks win: An overrated choker who wouldn’t have gotten anywhere without Tom Brady and Peyton Manning throwing to him.

Marshawn Lynch

If the Seahawks win: A shoo-in Hall of Famer.

If the Broncos win: A good running back, but one who will quickly be forgotten when he retires.

John Fox

If the Broncos win: A Super Bowl champion coach who has taken two teams to a Super Bowl. Maybe the best coach in all of football.

If the Seahawks win: An average head coach at best.

Pete Carroll

If the Seahawks win: A coaching legend with championships at the college and pro levels.

If the Broncos win: A cocky failure whose college success is tainted by cheating.

Broncos organization

If the Broncos win: The premier organization in pro football.

If the Seahawks win: A team who gambled on Peyton Manning and lost. Twice. It might be time to tear the roster apart and try a new approach. They blew it.

Seahawks organization

If the Seahawks win: The premier organization in pro football.

If the Broncos win: A franchise that can never win the big game and missed its best chance to win a Super Bowl. With paydays coming up for their young stars, Seattle’s time at the top is close to over. They blew it.

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