Rob Gronkowski Vows to Watch Super Bowl: “But strictly for the ‘Omaha’ Drinking Game”

gronk-partying-11New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady attracted media attention this week after saying he has no intention to watch the Super Bowl following his team’s loss to the Broncos in the AFC Championship Game.  The same could not be said for all of his New England teammates, however.

“Look, I’m gonna watch it,” said Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski.  “But before you reporter people turn this into some big deal, it is strictly, STRICTLY, to play the ‘Omaha’ drinking game.”

The injured star known as “Gronk” then gave a detailed explanation.

“It’s the same drinking game I’ve been playing all playoffs,” he said. “You take a drink every time Peyton Manning audibles using the word ‘Omaha,’ which is like some town in Kansas or wherever. And if it’s Omaha and a pass completion, two drinks.  Omaha and a positive run play, another drink.”

“If the play results in NEGATIVE yardage, you spit out whatever’s in your mouth, which kinda sucks, but don’t worry, that almost never happens,” continued the rambling tight end. “And if he says Omaha three times or more during one play, you take a shot.  Honestly, I wish I knew about it all season.”

Manning, who uses the Omaha audible often at the line of scrimmage, racked up 31 mentions against the Patriots and 44 in the divisional round against the Chargers.  Some have suggested this is not the best way for Gronkowski to be spending his time rehabbing.

“Listen, I’m competitive and this is a game.  I mean, it’s right there in the title.  Drinking.  GAME.  And I play to win,” explained Gronkowski.  “And also I like to drink.  So like, this combines everything I love.  I need to release this competitive energy somehow.”

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick  said he can’t judge his tight end’s actions.

“Well, it’s a bit childish.  And normally I wouldn’t condone such a thing,” said Belichick.  “But in this specific instance, I can’t really condemn him. I drink heavily every time Gronkowski gets injured.”

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