Reports: Super Bowl XLVIII to be Snowy or Maybe Not Snowy

BemDGg6IgAAj3uxAccording to several reports from meteorologists forecasting the weather for Super Bowl Sunday a week-and-a-half out, the Broncos-Seahawks matchup could be snowy or not snowy.

“There could definitely be snow the day of the game or during the game on account of the game being played in Northern New Jersey in early February,” said Paul Wilson, of the National Weather Service. “Also, it could not snow because it doesn’t snow every day, or even most days, in cold weather regions.”

Jeff Patterson, a meteorologist for the Weather Channel, echoed Wilson’s forecast.

“It wouldn’t surprise me if there was snow,” said Patterson. “Conversely, there could not be any snow at all, which would be equally predictable. As far as temperatures go, I see it being anywhere from -5 degrees to 45 degrees.” 

A survey of a handful of football writers and fans generated the following responses over possible snow for the Super Bowl:


“Well, that would be something.”

“I mean, what did they think would happen?”

“Cool. I was kind of hoping for snow.”

A similar group was asked about their reaction to no snow at the Super Bowl.


“Guess they dodged a bullet there.”

“Too bad.”

“We’ll see, I guess.”

The NFL said it will consider the weather on February 2nd when deciding whether to hold another Super Bowl in the New York region. However, league representatives said TV ratings and the “boatloads of cash we’re making in New York” will likely outweigh a possible dusting of winter precipitation.

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