Report: A-Rod May Have Done Some Steroids and Then There’s This Other Guy and a Suspension or Whatever

a-rodAccording to some stuff on TV and a few baseball people on social media, it seems Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez is in trouble for taking steroids or maybe not steroids put at least some sort of performance enhancers that baseball doesn’t allow?

There’s this guy he used to have dealings with who looks like a total slimeball that I guess got him the steroids? They used code words to talk about steroids or something. That’s what this guy says, it seems, but some people sound like they believe him while other people don’t because he’s, like, a bad guy and a known liar or whatever. But on the other hand, a lot of people don’t seem to buy what A-Rod is saying either. Because, well, A-Rod.

So baseball seems to have suspended A-Rod for a whole year, which is not as long as they originally suspended him, but still is a pretty long time. But it sounds like baseball may have been compromised a bit in the whole thing because they just took what this slimeball guy told them as gospel. Friggin’ Selig.

It seems like people are saying no one looks too good in all of this. 

Anyway, it’s all over the sports news – and even some on cable news – and pretty hard to avoid, no matter how much you try. Basically, it sounds like it’s the same as all the other five dozen or so baseball steroids “scandals.”

Oh, and apparently A-Rod is now suing everyone? That probably won’t work, but that’s a thing I heard.

So this will probably drag on a really long time and continue being in the news which really sucks because just enough already. Play baseball, you know? It’s been 15 years or whatever of this crap. God, it never ends. Does anyone really care? Well, maybe some people do. Somehow. And if you do, you’re sort of caught up on the news now.

Even when this does go away, it will all come back up when A-Rod is up for the Hall of Fame because that’s how it is and that annual HOF process is as annoying as all these steroids stories. Ugh. Enough.

But that’s where we are for now, pretty much.

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