Ravens Acknowledge Critics and Haters Had Them Pegged Pretty Accurately This Year

terrell-suggs1A year after laying into all those who doubted that the Ravens could win the Super Bowl, linebacker Terrell Suggs today said that those same “critics and haters” were actually quite on point with their doubts about the 2013 Baltimore Ravens.

“Hey, fair is fair,” said Suggs. “As much as I wish they were wrong, our haters won this round and they deserve credit for that. They said we lost too much talent on both sides of the ball. They said we got ripped off in the Anquan Boldin trade. They said Joe Flacco was a fluke. They said that all the money we gave him would leave us unable to address other positions of need. They said we were nothing more than a mediocre, 8-8 team. They nailed it on each and every point. Good job, haters. Nice work. Respect.”

With the Ravens’ reign as Super Bowl champs about to officially end at the close of Sunday’s Super Bowl, Suggs felt now was the time to own up and acknowledge that everyone who trashed his team was 100-percent accurate.

“I’m just being a man. You have to roll with the good and the bad. The last thing I want to be known as is a hypocrite,” said Suggs. “So I need to own up to the wisdom of all those who doubted our team this year. They were 100-percent accurate. To be honest, I knew by about Week 4 this year that we were garbage. I guess that’s four weeks later than the haters knew.”

Flacco said he enjoyed silencing his team’s critics last year with his outstanding playoff performances.

“I’d love to do that again. And I know I’ll have even more critics next year considering my contract and how I played this year and how I’ve played for the vast majority of my career,” said the quarterback. “That said, it seems very unlikely that I will ever again silence a single critic. Very, very unlikely. I’ll probably have to be content with silencing the haters just that one magical time in the winter of 2013 because we don’t appear to be getting any better in the immediate future, especially not with me at quarterback. Ask any hater. Or really any impartial person with knowledge of the NFL.”

Several Ravens did, however, openly wonder if there was a vast NFL conspiracy at the heart of why they weren’t all that good at football this year.

“We lost to the Bills and the Browns,” said one player. “Something is definitely fishy there.”

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