Peyton Manning Suggests Introducing Game Film Into Bedroom To Spice Things Up

120315013542_peyton manningDenver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning shared a rare candid moment at a Super Bowl XLVIII media event yesterday when he was asked how he has kept his 12-year marriage fresh with his wife, Ashley. Manning opened up on intimate details of the couple’s love life, namely the introduction of game film into the bedroom.

“Marriages can get stale, everybody knows that,” said Manning.  “I think the key is switching things up.  For example, I recently asked my wife if she’d be open to…,” paused Manning, before continuing with a smirk, “…bringing game film into the bedroom.  I can’t believe I’m admitted this at a Q-and-A,” laughed Manning.  “I know she’s not really into the stuff, but she knows I am.  It never hurts to ask.”

Manning, well known to the public for his skills on the field and constant high profile commercials, has himself admitted there’s nothing he enjoys more than watching game film.

“He loves it. He’s pretty much addicted to it,” said Denver Broncos head coach John Fox.  “He watches it at home, on his phone, at work, when he’s working out, everywhere. Every player and coach here has probably walked in on him watching it at some point.  The first time it happened to me, I thought I embarrassed him, but instead he invited me to watch.  I watched some for a couple minutes but it felt weird.  He didn’t need me there for that.”

When asked if Fox thought it was an unhealthy obsession, he replied, “Look, all of us here admit to watching some game film here or there, and yes Manning does take it to a whole new level…but I’m not here to judge the guy. Whatever he’s doing, it’s working.”

While Manning admitted his wife was initially on the fence about the whole thing, he says she has been open to trying new things in the past, even giving Manning permission to yell ‘Omaha!’ when he wanted to change positions.  He said convincing her to watch the game film just took some compromising.

“I basically just assured her we wouldn’t watch anything too crazy,” he said. “No trick plays. No no-huddle stuff. Just some simple plays, nothing too hardcore.  It’s all give and take and I’ve never been more turned on being with her.”

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