New Browns Head Coach Mike Pettine: “I ask for privacy during this difficult time”

pettine buddynixonBuffalo Bills defensive coordinator Mike Pettine accepted the position of head coach of the Cleveland Browns on Thursday, according to numerous reports.

A statement from the Pettine Family seemed to confirm those reports. It read in its entirety: “I ask for privacy at this difficult time. Thank you.”

A source close to the family said that becoming head coach of the Browns has been understandably hard on Pettine.

“We all have dreams. We all have ideas of how our futures will look,” said Alan Granger, Pettine’s brother-in-law. “And for Mike’s path to lead to this: head coach of the Cleveland Browns. Being seen as someone the Cleveland Browns feel is a good fit for the Browns. Well, it’s a difficult pill to swallow. He just needs some time — it could be days, it could be weeks — but he needs some time. Time to lick his wounds and pull himself up off the floor. I hope everyone can respect that and give him time to heal.”

Pettine is currently hunkered down in his house with his wife and children.

“He needs his family right now to help him get through this,” said Granger. “At times like this, you remember what is most important to you.”

Browns CEO Joe Banner says he will give Pettine all the time he needs.

“We believe he is tough enough to get through this,” said Banner. “In fact, we know he is. Of all the people we offered the job to, he’s the only one that didn’t attempt to swallow a bottle of pills.”

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