Jim Harbaugh’s Parents Glad They Don’t Have to Decide Whether to Root for Him in This Year’s Super Bowl

play_g_harbaughs_jv_600The parents of San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh say they are quite relieved their son didn’t make it back to the Super Bowl again this year.

“It’s just nice not having that guilt pressuring us to root for him to beat the Broncos,” said Jack Harbaugh, the father of Jim and his coaching brother John. “Honestly, I like the style the Broncos play and I’ve love to see Peyton Manning validate his greatness by winning a second title.”

Jackie Harbaugh, Jim’s mother, said she was really struggling with the idea of rooting for Jim to win a Super Bowl.

“He’s just so grating and annoying, you know?” she said. “I mean, I know he’s blood and my son. And it’s not like I want him to die or anything and I, of course, give him Christmas presents every year and love his kids. But … you know. It’s Jim. Jim Harbaugh. He kind of comes across as a dick.”

The Harbaughs say they appreciated last year’s Super Bowl between Jim’s 49ers and John’s Ravens because they could openly not root for either team.

“We just watched it like two normal fans, even though our sons were coaching,” said Jack. “We kind of wanted them both to lose. Seeing Ray Lewis win the Super Bowl obviously wasn’t something that thrilled us, our son being his coach or not. There was really no positive outcome. But, in a way, one guaranteed good outcome.”

While the Harbaughs say they are proud of their sons’ successes, they do admit they wish they had another son.

“Every father dreams of having a son who doesn’t have a punchable face,” said Jack. “For whatever reason, God chose not to give us a son like that.”