Hall of Very Good opens across the street from Baseball HOF in Cooperstown to very good reviews

verygoodJThe Baseball Hall of Very Good opened it’s doors today in Cooperstown, NY, just across the street from the Baseball Hall of Fame in the town’s east side, with an initial induction class of Jack Morris and Jeff Kent.

“I think this is an idea that is long overdue,” said one fan who visited the HOVG. “You want to honor the greatest players of all-time, but there are a lot of good players who helped build this game, too. I think they did a good job capturing that here at the Hall of Very Good. Not a great job, but a good job.”

The Hall of Very Good is housed in an old shoe factory in Cooperstown that missed out on being placed on the National Register of Historic Places, but is still considered to be a prominent landmark locally.

“We are pleased with opening of the Hall of Very Good,” said the HOVG’s director Jeff Moore, who previously served in the same role with the Golden Globe Awards. “Ideally we would have opened in Manhattan, but that was too expensive. Being here works just fine.”

In addition to inducting Morris and Kent, the opening day at the Hall of Very Good included an exhibition on the history of the sacrifice fly and an autograph session with a few dozen former Rookie of the Year runner-ups.

“I enjoyed my visit here,” said one guest. “The lines at the Hall of Fame were long and the tickets are more expensive there. So I decided to bring my family here and it was pretty good. My son even got to meet and get autographs from 2004 Rookie of the Year runner-ups Shingo Takatsu and Khalil Greene. It’s a memory he might not forget soon.”

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