Bill Belichick: “I’d have a lot more talent to coach if this organization had a semi-competent GM”

belichickBill Belichick continues to receive praise for coaching the 2013-2014 Patriots to another AFC title game despite a roster lacking the star power of the other three remaining Super Bowl contenders. While Belichick deflects much of that praise, he did say today that he wishes he wasn’t coaching such a rag-tag collection of players.

“I have almost nothing to work with outside of Tom Brady,” said Belichick. “I’m not criticizing my players at all. They’re doing the best they can with the limited abilities they have. And I’m proud of them for that. But it would be nice if I didn’t always have to rely on second-rate talents to win. It would be real nice. But this organization repeatedly gets almost nothing out of the draft.”

Belichick, clearly angry, then rattled off some of the players the Patriots have picked over the past decade. 

“In 2011, we spent second round picks on Ras-I Dowling and Shane Vereen,” said Belichick. “Are we in the AFC title game because of them? No, we are not. In 2010 we picked, according to this sheet of paper, a receiver named Taylor Price in the 3rd Round. Who is that? I’ve never even heard that name before. Want to know why Tom has no one to throw to? Because we’re spending early-round picks on garbage receivers like this Price guy and Chad Jackson and Brandon Tate. And what about 2009? Jeezus, 2009! Our first three picks were Patrick Chung, Ron Brace and Darius Butler. None of those turds are even on our team now! And let’s not even get into drafting Aaron Hernandez and giving him a contract extension.”

The legendary coach then made a very pointed complaint directed at the team’s personnel department.

“I don’t know who the hell is running the show up there, but it’s an embarrassment,” he growled. “It really is. I’ll be honest with you: Jerry Jones does a better job finding talent. Jerry goddam Jones. That’s how bad it is here. What I wouldn’t give to have a roster with as much talent as the Cowboys for just one year. How pathetic is that? How many years do I have to put up with this? I’m wasting my prime as a coach. Just imagine how many Super Bowls I could have won if this team was just more than me and Brady.”

Belichick was then told by a reporter that he is the de facto general manager and head of New England’s player personnel department, despite that not being his official job title.

“Oh,” said the coach. “Well … that explains a lot then. I wish someone had told me that before. I was just focusing on coaching whatever players I was given. Wait, do other people know about this? My god. If people think I’ve been drafting all these guys, everyone must think I’m a total football idiot.”

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