Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany Points to Conference’s Six Consecutive Years of Not Losing BCS Title Game as Sign of Dominance

Delany-No-playoff-for-non-division-champs-5J1F3AMK-x-largeBig Ten commissioner Jim Delany bristled today at suggestions that the B1G remains a second-rate football conference that is increasingly becoming irrelevant following another losing bowl season.

“Big Ten critics are a broken record,” said Delany. “Every year we hear the same things about how the Big Ten has no top-tier teams and how we lose most of our bowl games and how we’re not getting any better. Blah blah blah. Get a new story. The fact is, the Big Ten hasn’t lost a BCS Championship game in six years. Six! That’s just a fact.”

Delany is correct that the Big Ten is undefeated in in BCS title games since Ohio State lost in back-to-back title games, the most recent coming at the end of the 2007-2008 season. It is also true that no Big Ten team has made the BCS title game since then.

“It’s not my responsibility who gets in the BCS title game,” said Delany. “What I do know is that the system is stacked against us because it punishes — unfairly, I think — teams that have lots of losses and don’t play anyone out of conference. Yet the fact remains we haven’t lost a BCS title game in quite some time.”

The commissioner contrasted his conference’s BCS “success” with that of the SEC.

“All we hear about is the SEC. But the SEC lost the BCS title game just two years ago,” said Delany. “And not only did LSU lose, they got shut out, 21-0. Shut out! If a Big Ten team got shut out in the BCS title game, we’d never hear the end of it. But when it happens to an SEC team … crickets. It’s such a double standard.”

Delany said he expects his conference’s “domination” to continue into the post-BCS era.

“I’m not big on making boasts,” said the commissioner. “But I don’t see us losing a title game any time in the near future, if ever again.”

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